Let's discover the meaning of your life TOGETHER ⎯ right here, right now.

Life is a series of fantastic and mysterious events. It is only natural for us to question the signs it presents us. From love, career, and money related issues, everything you experience is a chain of connected events ⎯ which meaning is waiting to be discovered.

I'm here to help you to discover your true self and teach you how to empower your life through my intuitive tarot reading service.


Hello, I'm Canti!
I'm an intuitive tarot reader, a Reiki master, and an aspiring astrologer.

2015 wasn't a great year for me. I was unhappy with my life, and everything that I had worked on – money, career, and personal life felt meaningless. I knew I was missing something in life, but I wasn't so sure what it was.

Suddenly, I received an epiphany – a voice whispering from my subconscious telling me to move to Bali to pursue the spiritual path. Being an intuitive Indigo Adult, I know for sure that denying that tiny voice would make me regret the missed connection for the rest of my life. So, with two suitcases and a leap of faith, I followed the voice with the help of tarot as my medium.

After working with my intuition, I feel more content and empowered. I found what I have missed in life, what I could have done better, and I'd LOVE to share my secret with you.

With love,

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Join me on the journey of your self-discovery!


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How I'll Work with You

As an intuitive psychic reader and a Reiki Master, I have the prowess in various reading and healing modalities.

Here are a few (but not limited to) modalities that I do in my sessions.


Tarot/Oracle Reading

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As a tarot reader, I use tarot cards as a medium to decode your life events through symbols and archetypes as our guideposts.

Through tarot reading, we foresee the now to create our tomorrow, helping us to grow and evolve into better individuals. I believe, we have the power to change our lives at our fingertips.

Intuitive Reading

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As an intuitive Indigo Adult, I am able to assist and help you find the deeper meaning in your life and the events around you, without any use of a medium.

During this type of session, I will hold the space for you to tell me anything you need to say or release, and I will answer any questions you may have about yourself.

Reiki Healing


As a Reiki Master, I do a short Reiki healing session on my clients who are in need of a calming reassurance or an emotional release.

The service comes as a package with my reading session on a case-by-case basis.

What Others Say about Working with Me

Jenny for Foxglove Tarot Bali

"Canti helped me cope with one of the hardest and most critical situations in my life (and I have been through A LOT) and not only was her reading profound and healing, but she also spoke with such gentleness and warmth you could ever hope for. I found a reader I can easily resonate with and a friend in her. Thank you, Canti. ❤️"


Trisca for Foxglove Tarot Bali

"My experience with Canti's tarot reading and astrology sessions have always been helpful and clear for my cloudy mind. Instead of telling you what to do, she helps you to understand yourself; weaknesses and strengths, so you can handle your own hurdles. Her friendly personality is a rare gem!"


Dian for Foxglove Tarot Bali.jpg

"A reading with Canti feels like a chat with a good friend who's not only willing to listen to you but also equipped to give you guidance. No matter how silly your question is, she'll offer insights without judgment. I recommend a tarot reading or three with Canti to anyone who's in need of divine guidance."


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