Helping you to get the answers you seek for a desirable future.

Life is a series of wonderful and mysterious events. It is only natural for us to question the signs it present us. From love, career, and money related issues, everything you experience is a chain of connected events ⎯ which meaning is waiting to be discovered.

I'm here to help you discover your life purpose and empower yourself through my tarot reading service

Let's unlock your true potential TOGETHER ⎯ right here, right now.


What is Tarot Reading?

As a tarot reader, I use tarot cards as a medium to decode your life events through symbols and archetypes as our guideposts.

Through tarot reading, we foresee the now to create our tomorrow, helping us to grow and evolve to better individuals. I believe, we have the power to change our lives in our fingertips.

Let's work together to seize the moment and find the best solution for you through tarot reading.


Let's be honest, if you get the chance to be in control of your destiny, will you take it?

Or will you wait for your turn instead, because it sounds impossible?

Unlike a fortune teller, I believe that the key to your desirable future is your own FREE WILL.

What you send to the Universe is EXACTLY what you will get.

I'm here to unveil the truth of your life's purpose and teach you NOT TO SABOTAGE YOUR FUTURE through unnecessary worry.

Because when you focus on the future so much, you are........

  • Not living in the moment with your friends and family.

  • Causing yourself pain and anxiety for something that hasn't happened yet.

  • Disrupting the Universe energy, and eventually, sabotaging your wish.


The rule is simple.

Focus on the present and follow my guidance to create your bestest future.


Hello, I'm Canti!
I'm a psychic, a tarot reader, a Reiki practitioner, and a healer based in Bali, Indonesia.


It all started when...

2015 wasn't a great year for me. I was unhappy with my cubicle job, despite having everything that I have longed for. Everything that I had worked on – money, career, and personal life suddenly felt meaningless. I knew I was missing something in life but I wasn't so sure what it was.

And suddenly, I received an epiphany – a voice whispering from beneath my subconscious telling me to move to Bali to pursue the spiritual path. Being an intuitive Indigo Adult, I know for sure that denying that tiny voice would make me regret the missed connection for the rest of my life. So, with two suitcases and a leap of faith, I followed the voice with the help of tarot as my medium.

And today, the forecast that I received has surprisingly come true! After getting in touch with my intuition, I feel more content, completed, and empowered. I found what I have missed in life, and I'd love to share my happiness secret with you.


Blessed be,

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What others say about working with me

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"Canti helped me cope with one of the hardest and most critical situations in my life (and I have been through A LOT) and not only was her reading profound and healing, she spoke with such gentleness and warmth you could ever hope for. I found a reader I can easily resonate with and a friend I can trust in her. Thank you Canti ❤️"


"My experience with Canti's Tarot reading and astrology sessions have always been helpful and clear for my cloudy mind. Instead of telling you what to do, she helps you to understand yourself; weaknesses and strengths, so you can handle your own hurdles. Have I mentioned that she is also a lovely person as well? Her friendly personality is a rare gem!"


"A reading with Canti a.k.a. Foxglove Tarot felt like a chat with a good friend who's not only willing to listen to your hopes, fear, and concerns, but also equipped to give you advice and feedback. No matter how silly your questions might be, she offered insights without judgement. I recommend a reading or three with Canti to anyone who's at the crossroads and in dire need of celestial guidance."


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The Universe always sends us mixed messages. One moment we could be getting our dream job, another moment may be spent crying over a lost relationship. Sometimes we also find ourselves stuck in between two intriguing offers. And now you wonder, why can't the Universe just tell you directly what to do?

I believe that the path to enlightenment will always be an uncomfortable journey. Sometimes it takes a conflict to drive you back to the path of happiness. Me and my tarot cards are here to ensure that you are well-prepared for the challenges and ready to face what's next.