AstroFox: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra. What does it mean for you?

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Happy full moon and lunar eclipse, Witchlings.

Tonight the moon is finally reaching its full potential in Indonesia area after the recent New Moon / Solar Eclipse earlier this month. Jakartans should be able to spot it at 8.01pm while Balinese can enjoy the view at around 9.01pm. Today’s Lunar Eclipse will last for about 4 hours and will be less noticeable compared to its predecessor due to its type of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. To everyone expecting the similar significant dark shadow casted by Solar Eclipse, I’m sorry to announce that this Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will be less spectacular as the shadow has a subtler touch. It will be seen as a fainter moon and I guarantee it won’t look as grande on your iPhone camera. However, do not underestimate the positive energy it radiates. Full Moon in all pagan based religions is known to be the best time to make a wish, clearing out space for new items, or just to make an overall positive changes. Use this time to create positive affirmation in your life.

The transit in Libra brings the relationship theme upfront during this period. It radiates positive peaceful energy to overcome your past traumas and relationship failures. It’s the best time to forgive your frienemies and make a new meaning of your relationships. You can also use this time to ask yourself, “What can I do to be a good friend / family members / boyfriend / girlfriend?” or preserve your relationship with your good friends and loved ones by asking them out for dinner and good times. The Moon’s energy will help you strengthen your bond with them in the long run. Not only limited to relationship with friends, tonight’s energy also helps businesses to seal the deal with partners. Sweet talking and corporate gifts will help boost your chances as well, because Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty and expensive goods. So go ahead and be social today! 

Another aspects that are relatively as important as the Lunar Eclipse today are:

Moon in Libra with Opposite Sun and Mercury in Aries

Opposition is the aspect where two planets are located opposite of each other in an astrology chart. It is when the energy of both contradicting aspects becomes inharmonious to one another. While the Moon is transiting in Libra to kickstart some creative ideas through harmonious partnerships and fair consideration, Mercury and Sun are on the contrary, sitting in Aries — the sign of ‘self’, independency, and leadership. Both are cardinal signs, which creates a strong opposition in decision making especially for self-initiated project or life-changing decision.

Today, see where you stand before making a decision that will affect you and other people. The Mercury in Aries gives you the confidence boost to express yourself while the Sun helps you to ensure your needs met. But sometimes it is best to listen to both sides and think it thoroughly, as any decision you make may affect your relationship or partnership with others.

Moon in Libra with Sextile Mars in Sagittarius

The sextile aspect is a 60∘ angle between two planets indicating a compatible energy between  the two elements. It results in a harmonious flow which can be used to realise your goal. Tonight, the creative and aesthetic vibe of Libra combined with the ever-curious wanderlust Sagittarius is pushing us to seek further to quench our thirst for knowledge and travel. It’s a good time to push through new ideas, preferably with the company of others for brainstorming and creative ideation. You can also use this time to book random plane tickets and travel away with your bosoms.

In conclusion, the best way to utilise the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon energy is by being a great company today by discussing ideas with others and considering their opinion before making any decision for yourself. 😇

Photo credit: Alia Wilhelm - Unsplash

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