Full Moon in Scorpio: a challenge to balance the mind and the heart

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Tonight on April 22nd, expect a tug-o-war between your logic and your gut feeling as the Full Moon in Scorpio will be in opposite of the Sun in Taurus. The Taurus-Scorpio opposition highlights the topic of “illumination” and “balance" for any deep seated problems. Both star signs are fixed signs, which creates a tendency to overthink the smallest problem, while avoiding any chance to communicate your feelings. Any problems that you thought you had buried deeply may arise to give path to a settlement. Things may be unnerving and you may feel that you’re not ready to face it, but feelings must be expressed and cases must be solved, regardless of whether it’s the most socially accepted thing to do.

Another thing worth noting is to prepare for an unlikely pair of two contradicting needs. Given Scorpio’s tendency to initiate transformation and Taurus’ needs for stability, this combination includes a passion for a casual sex and a need for a secured relationship, which as we know, sounds too good to be true to take place on the same time. We may also want to revisit the way we communicate to others. Do you take some matters personally or are you level-headed enough to resolve things amicably? Ideally, this month’s Full Moon is a chance for us to balance our mind and our senses. As long as we know how to take a step back and understand how to use it in our favours, the Full Moon’s energy could reinforce a positive transformation in our lives.

To know which part of your life that requires a balance check, scroll down to see your predictions:


If you keep on getting worried about how your friends might view you, you won’t be able to enjoy the party. The Full Moon will challenge you to choose between friendship and the things that make you happy. If you ever have to choose, choose the latter. Don’t care about what others say, just walk away and enjoy this sunny day.


So many thoughts are spent in building your career, while your family begun to seem like distant relatives. Don’t be surprised if at the end of the week you'll hear more demands from them. If you can’t balance your timing, try to give small attention by letting them know that you’ve been doing well.


This month’s Full Moon will help you to identify what’s been bothering you. It seems that you have been listening too much, without expressing your concern. It’s never a bad idea to talk things out. Sometimes the best solution comes from a healthy discussion.


With money as your main topic this week, see if you can give more effort to manage your financial situation. There may be some temptation to find an easier shortcut by borrowing friends’ or relatives’ money, however, it’s not the best option to follow through. Trust your intuition when it says that everything will work out fine.


This Full Moon is your challenge to balance between your needs and your partner’s needs. Tension will arise when one does not feel of being heard or understood. You can choose to ignore it or to address it by giving a reassurance to your loved one. The Full Moon will help you to identify which one should come first.


This is the period where you will be tested mentally, physically, and spiritually. There’s a great chance that trouble will come knocking on your door and you’ll be forced to question everything you believe. Things may not appear as it seems, but it’s your challenge to see through the veil. If anything, see what your intuition has to say to guide you through it.


There are so many things that will your attention, Cancer! Not only you’ll have to juggle between your responsibility, you may also have to choose between a chance to enjoy your fun time and keeping up with your peers. The trick to balance it out is by letting everyone to enjoy themselves… together! While it does not seem feasible at times, but it’s the best win win solution, isn’t it?


Balancing between your work with your loved ones will not be easy during this period. Work for you has become futile but somebody needs to be the bread winner, right? Leo is a family man/woman, so what seems like a small problem is actually a big deal for you. What you need is a mood recharge this week. Spending time with your loved ones is proven to be the best medicine for you.


With your Moon in your House of Communication, while your Sun is in your House of Knowledge, it can be a challenge to balance between what your senses are telling you with what you have learned to perceive so far. Sometimes it’s not easy to elaborate how you feel about certain things, but it’s always the best idea to communicate it with others.


You haven't run out of luck, only your ideas. When it comes to making money, your intuition tells you to do things alone, but your mind tells you not to. Have you thought about collaborating with someone for your work? The more people you work with the higher the chances for you to gain more profit.


The Moon in your First House brings into focus how speaking out about how you feel matters more in your relationship. No agreement will be made until your partner understands what you’re going through. Disagreements are inevitable, but disagreements are just a way of strengthening the bond between you and your partner.


You won’t be able to see what the world has to offer if you choose to bury yourself in work. Somewhere deep inside you, your intuition is kicking in, yearning for a place called home. If possible, find some time during the weekend to travel and come home to the nature. Give yourself a chance to get to know yourself while being surrounded by lush greeneries.


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