How to Celebrate Full Moon in Taurus (+ Simple Money Spell!)

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Well hello there, Full Moon in Taurus! Finally, we'll get to see you again this year! It’s time to manifest our dream through work and money money money. Tonight, let’s celebrate the finer things in life with these simple steps:


1. “Just do it!"

If the days leading up to the Full Moon in Taurus seem pretty busy for you, that’s because you’ve been enchanted by this lunar spell! Taurus rules wealth and personal income. And what’s the best way to get 'em? Yep, work. This week is not the time to lodge a complaint to the Universe for taking up your weekend. Instead, be grateful for your work opportunity and keep your eyes on the prize. Just do your checklist, and focus on making your dreams come true.


2. Indulge yourself with your wish list

Taurus rules luxury and material possession, giving you the one cheat day to make a big purchase to satiate your need for the finer things in life. But don’t go overboard and spend every money that you’ve worked hard for on the goods, okay? Also, if money has been scarce for you, it’s time to give some back to the Universe. According to The Astro Twins, if you hold on to your money too tight, you won’t get more than what you have next time. Try to rotate it through donation or a sweet purchase. Give some and get some (more), girl.

Check out my favorite money spell to try on this Full Moon!

💰 Simple Money Spell:

  • Get yourself an orange / bergamot / ginger essential oil and anoint it on a neat-looking bill.
  • Just use a small bill. Like, Rp 10,000 or a dollar.
  • Inhale the scent of the essential oil on the bill and imagine yourself surrounded by abundance. What would you do if you have that much money? How is your life going to be like? Make sure that you imagine every single detail.
  • Put the bill in your wallet and don't use it until your wish comes true.

I would suggest you wish for a more realistic outcome to try and test this spell first before you go big. Well, good luck! I hope it works for you! 🍀


3. #GratitudeAttitude

If your wish is to stay grounded during this period, you’re on the right path. Taurus Full Moon doesn’t like those whose pride and ego are controlling their each and every decision. Even though Taurus rules income and luxury, let’s not forget that Taurus’ planetary ruler is my mama Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. In this period, you’ll get a plus point if you start to appreciate the beauty and the kindness around you. Don’t forget to thank the nature too for providing you with abundance. 


Now that you've read my tips, which one you're going to try first? Give me a shout-out in the comments below! 🙏🏽

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