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10 questions every tarot reader must answer

Queen of Wands - Tarot of The Animal Lords

Queen of Wands - Tarot of The Animal Lords

Inspired by Marianne from Two Sides Tarot and Dana from Lavender Moon (thanks ladies! ❤️ ) , I have decided to join the bandwagon by answering these interesting questionnaires for tarot readers. Usually I’m not really into answering questions because I’m too lazy (hahah) and oftentimes I find the questions too Buzfeed-esque and way too unrelatable for me to blog about in my Foxglove website. Something like “What kind of TV show describes your life?”, you know. (although I would answer Adventure Time, but sshh, let’s play it cool here 😛 )

So anyway, if you’d like to get to know me a little bit better and understand the tarot reading process, read more below! 

1. Were you mentored, or were you self-taught?

Both! At first I started to self-teach myself by decoding the cards through the long ass description written in the book. Why? Because there’s no way you can decode the symbols in tarot in just one description. Strangely, the correct description will have like a yellow highlight inside my head and I wasn’t sure why. So I joined a supernatural club to ask around, met interesting mentors, and eventually studied under this guy’s wing. Basically what my first mentor did was galvanising me to throw my book away, opened my heart chakra, and forced me to read purely by intuition because he said I can actually do it without the book. The next few months were spent by him paying closely to my reading style and make sure I can convey the message in a neutral way.

2. Are you a psychic or a Tarot reader?

Both too! I use my clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance ability to decode the card’s message. I also love to speak to ghosts, work with deities, and performing occasional rituals and spell casting to achieve my goals.

3. Are your predictions accurate, and is accuracy important to you?

I wouldn’t say that my predictions is always accurate, nor that it’s important to me, but I do wish that the baseline that I always establish on the first few minutes of the session resonates with the querent. That’s usually how I gauge whether my intuition is working fine. Sometimes I wish I can predict the future, but then, it is always important to understand that we are all just human. Sometimes, ignorance is a bliss (which I have learned the hard way) because as you know, spoiler sucks. I always tell my clients before we start a session that future will always change and the biggest influence is my client’s very own free will. What I always like to do is to give multiple future options to my clients to cater their best interest so they can act upon whichever future they desire. Read more about this on my FAQ here.

4. Is there anything you can’t predict in a reading?
Of course! I can’t predict an exact timeline, just a rough estimate. I can’t predict an exact future too. Sometimes the card won’t tell me the answer if the card believes that the querent holds the key to the future. The querent would have to make up their mind first before I can peek inside their veil. Or, the card will decide not to tell the querent if there is an important information that they shouldn’t hear yet until a certain event happens in their life.

5. Do you use only Tarot, or are you multi-disciplinary?

Definitely multi-disciplinary! I’m currently dabbling in tarot and astrology, but I’d love to learn scrying, runes, or palmistry. I’m able to read people through their energy, but since I am not yet able to filter the information, I decided to close it a liiiittle bit until I’m ready. Like I said before, spoiler sucks. 😭

6. Is the message in the cards, or in your head?

I use my psychic ability to read the cards, so I often get clairvoyant flashes, hear the answer, or feel the emotion of the querent through cards. But some decks do like to point me to a particular symbol in their card (for instance, Tarot of The Animal Lords).

7. Are you a priest or a fortune-teller?

I am definitely not either of them. I’m not priest-like religious, but I do practice mindfulness and spirituality. As for fortune-teller, my work does not involve reading to please the client or to forecast their next fortunate events. Some readings may not sound like music to the querent’s ears, but it will still be something that they need to listen. My profession is more like an advisor or a counsellor where I would advise my client into making the right decision that will benefit them in a long run.

8. Are you a fixer or a looker?

A little bit of both, I guess? Whenever I’m in a session, I will put my energy and my thoughts into my clients. I’d like to help them as much as I could, by providing suggestions to help them with any issues they are dealing with. Eventually this will come back to their own free will and I will not push them to take my advice, but at least they will come home knowing that there is always a solution for their problem.

9. Do you read for free, or for fee?

I read for a fee. But I do read for free for other tarot readers or for charities as my own form of giving back to the community.

10. Is there anything you won’t predict in a reading?

I don’t want to predict death or any kinds of ending for that matter, or anything related to medical, legal, or financial advice. My lack of experience in such fields does not give me the right qualification to advise you. You can read more about this on my FAQ page.

I hope you enjoy my answers, Witchlings! If you are a tarot reader and you too have a tarot blog, try to answer these questions! Mention your blog in the comments section too so I can read your answers. It’s interesting to see how different each tarot readers are yet we are in this peculiar world together. ❤️

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Have a blessed day!

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