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Let's say YES to Life on Full Moon in Sagittarius!

The Universe and Lust Card by Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck

The Universe and Lust Card by Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck

Oh look, it’s that time of the month again! 

If you’ve been waiting for a life-changing event, tonight’s the night. We’re going to welcome the sight of the optimistic Full Moon in Sagittarius, which will, ironically, shine beside the pessimistic Saturn. Although it's advisable to play by the rules when Saturn is around, remember, it's Sagittarius, the sign of growth and expansion that we're talking about here. So, I wouldn’t be worried so much if I were you.

Luckily, there’s a strong trine aspect between the Full Moon, Saturn, and Uranus in Aries. It helps to bring your inner Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) to the surface for this period. She's bold, she's brave and refuses to play by the man's rules. However, she continues to abide her own personal rules such as justice, love, and compassion, to complete her mission. As long as you know when to say "yes" and "no" at the right time, you'll do amazing, just like her.

Joining the party, Jupiter will turn direct tomorrow to propel you into doing a more active participation in your life. If you've been holding onto some plans while Jupiter was in retrograde, tomorrow is the perfect time to start carrying them out into action.

Here are the things that you need to consider during this period based on my brief talk with the Thoth Tarot:

The Universe card - Take the challenge, as long as it aligns with your "code"

We all have our personal code. Our strong belief, what we stand for, and the values that make us who we are. The Full Moon in Sagittarius will bring forth your curiosity on whether you have lived a life that's worth settling. If you need to go beyond your achievements, you'll get the hunch that will tell you so. You might also get some new ideas on how to debunk some of your personal beliefs.

It's like when Diana refuses to believe her mother when she forbids her to go and fight for humanity because 'men don't deserve her'. But she goes anyway, with her stubbornness, but of course, with her moral code kept close to her heart.

Although Saturn can be a party pooper sometimes, we're lucky to have it so close to the Full Moon, something that hasn't happened in decades, because it helps us to stay grounded. You have this other world beyond your reach, but it's not impossible if you decide to take the challenge. The wide-eyed Sagittarius will help to illuminate your path and make you believe in the good omens. But if you're traveling too far to the unknown, you might not know your way back in case the opportunity falls apart.

So the next time you decide to take up a new job, or make new friends, remember who you are and what you believe. It's a new challenge, indeed, to make your mark in a new territory. But if you always have your "codes" in mind, you'll always have a place at home, no matter how horrible the new land is.

Diana Prince and Steve Trevor - Gal Gadot and Chris Pine - Wonder Woman
Steve Trevor: We have a mission! We can’t save everyone in this war! It’s not what we are here to do!

Diana Prince: You’re right... But it’s what *I* am going to do.
— Wonder Woman (2017)

The Lust card - Make your postponed plans happen

With Jupiter turning direct tomorrow, and a double blessing from Full Moon in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, it would be a waste not to take action on your postponed plans. If you have anything that you've been planning for the past few months, tomorrow's the time to dust your journal and start doing. There will be a tide of productive energy around you once Jupiter propels forward. Tap into it, and create workable deliverables for your projects.  

Start working on your thesis, NOW. Call your Mom, NOW. Go for the dentist appointment, TOMORROW (maybe you don't have time for it today). Anything that you can do today must be finished by today the latest. Hurry and catch this productive wave before it's too late! Jupiter is your one giant lucky planet that will boost the full moon magic we are all expecting tonight.

Hopefully, the New Moon in Sagittarius brings the longed-for positive changes in your life and helps you to be your own version of Wonder Woman.

If you're looking for more personalized tips to survive the ups and downs this month, book a reading session with me. Enjoy the full moon, witchlings!

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5 Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance on Full Moon in Virgo

Hey ho! Welcome to Full Moon in Virgo!

As the host of the 6th House in Astrology, the virgin Virgo rules health, hygiene, jobs, daily routines, and pets. Imagine Sarah from your workplace who is always glad to help but gets anal about the font size in your spreadsheet. Yes, that’s the epitome of a true Virgo.

Tonight, on March 12th, 2017, we are witnessing the bright, beautiful full moon located in Virgo. The shift will cause you the urge to stop coming home late, use your free time to clean up your room, and indulge yourself with a free Vinyasa flow practice on Youtube(Virgos are very economical in that sense) The energy in effect will not only apply to a Virgo but also to everyone, regardless of the sun sign.

But is there any other way to harness the full moon energy to its fullest potential? Of course, there are! Hold my kale juice, and let me help you with that.

1. Let your work quality speaks volumes – not the quantity.

Unlike the sign Capricorn, Virgo’s perfectionism quirk applies to the quality of work instead of the title of their career. Closer to the full moon, your workload may be piling up – more than what you can finish on time. To avoid staying late at work, use the Pomodoro timer approach to fit as much work as you can in 20 mins. It’s important to work efficiently within the working hours so you can clock out on time.

2. Work hard, rest hard.

Allow yourself to take a good rest whenever you have the free time. If you can spare 15 mins at work, sneak in a coffee nap to get a quick recharge. Once you arrive at home, ignore your emails and head straight to the bathroom for a hot bath. Light scented candles if you have some, and wear your pajama. Your work should stop during resting time, and you need to stop resting once the work-mode starts.

3. Set a healthy boundary with yourself.

Full Moon in Virgo is the perfect period to start paying attention to your health. Have your annual check-up this week, and see if there’s anything that you need to improve in regards to your well-being. Maybe you need to reduce your caffeine intake, get enough sleep, or maybe you should stop stressing over your plan of talking to the HR about your promotion. 

4. Don’t skip the vitamins!

Make your full moon resolution to start eating more veggies, fruits, and take more vitamins. To increase your performance at work, you need to store as much energy as you can, and you need a strong, healthy body to give your best shot.

5. Practice mindfulness.

Work can demand so much of your time, so keep your mind stress-free with mindfulness! Some tips from me: schedule a quick 10-min sun salutation every morning, try to note down positive experiences in a gratitude journal, and spread kindness whenever you can. Let’s start our day with positivity, shall we?

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Hello, I'm Canti!

I am a tarot reader and an eclectic witch living in Bali, providing online tarot reading and blessing service for the mindful soul-searchers. Contact me at www.foxglovetarot.com to book a private counseling session with me.

A Guide to the No-Chill Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Leo 2017

Strength Card by The Wild Unknown Tarot

Strength Card by The Wild Unknown Tarot

Look up to the sky! Tonight is going to be one of the most epic night we have since early 2017 because there's going to be a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo, plus a rare sight of Green 45P Comet! All in one night! Whoaa. Well, the latter one is if you're lucky to live in the right hemisphere, of course.

The celestial event is going to start at 7.33 PM WITA, but honestly, I've been waiting for it since one and a half weeks ago. I don't know if you feel it in the air but for someone who is always in tune with the universe like me, the fiery Leo vibe can be quite overwhelming. I have gotten carried away with shopping for the new cosmetic items, always trying to look my best (with red lipstick!) even though I'm going to stay at home for the whole day, being easily irritated and snap at every chance (poor boyfriend), and splurging for expensive açaí smoothie bowl. Everything because I feel like I deserve to treat myself like a queen. On the positive note, I become more passionate about what I'm doing. I can see a bright vision where my business is going in the future, and what I should do to achieve it. All the temporary traits above are a mix of reaction based on today's event, mainly contributed by Leo's larger-than-life persona.

So here's what's happening tonight / this week:

The full moon tonight is going to be super intense. As it happens, the Uranus, Mars, and Venus are sticking together in Aries (Leo's fellow fire sign), aligning harmoniously in trine aspect with La Luna. Not to mention that the Full Moon in Leo sits on the opposite of Sun in Aquarius, the notable most chill and most detached zodiac out of the 12 signs. Sigh, no wonder we're super pumped up and angery at the same time. We are sweating with excitement and passion, but of course, our body is too small to contain all these fire inside us.

In addition, a trine aspect with the Saturn in Sagittarius allows creative ideas to sprout to advance your career. When combined with the Saturn, the Moon in Leo will form a Grand Trine aspect with the Uranus in Aries. It takes an inner strength, a sense of individualism, and leadership to create positive changes in your workplace. The confidence to pivot and initiate breakthrough idea is just as necessary as following up your past ideas. You'll know if things won't work out, and you'll know when to move on. You really have to look at this week as an opportunity that you shouldn't miss, especially, if you are in dire need of a new creative direction.

However, the moon is also connected in a sextile aspect with Jupiter retrograde in Libra. It is a reminder for us to hold on to our horses before impulsively launching a new project or deciding to pursue a higher study. There is indeed a powerful traction from the Full Moon in Leo to explore your options and break the glass ceiling. However, as Jupiter is currently not moving in direct, every decision you make that relates to Jupiter's area (belief, philosophy, growth, expansion) should be put on hold until you know what you're doing.

So this is what you should do:

You might be questioning yourself right now. "Who am I?" "What do I wanna do in life?" "Why do I feel useless?" or worse, "Why do I feel trapped?". Although the Full Moon in Leo influences your mood to feel important and be appreciated for being such an amazing lioness, the other planets in play are just as important as your feelings.

This week is the perfect time to make your assessment inward instead of outward. Turn those questions into answers, but keep in mind that you don't have to act upon those answers right now. Think about what kind of direction you're heading to, and what is the best way for you to get there. Ask yourself what part that requires change and improvement in various aspects of your life that relate to your feeling of self-worth (although it's probably every single aspect for me).

Most importantly, you are going to survive the heat, and you can turn the restlessness into a fruitful result if you have enough information and enough time to do the math.

So, do you have your telescope and popcorn ready for tonight yet?

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Hello, I'm Canti!

I am a tarot reader and an eclectic witch living in Bali, providing online tarot reading and blessing service for the mindful soul-searchers. Contact me at www.foxglovetarot.com to book a private counseling session with me.

Full Moon in Scorpio: a challenge to balance the mind and the heart

full moon dark scorpio cloudy cloud

Tonight on April 22nd, expect a tug-o-war between your logic and your gut feeling as the Full Moon in Scorpio will be in opposite of the Sun in Taurus. The Taurus-Scorpio opposition highlights the topic of “illumination” and “balance" for any deep seated problems. Both star signs are fixed signs, which creates a tendency to overthink the smallest problem, while avoiding any chance to communicate your feelings. Any problems that you thought you had buried deeply may arise to give path to a settlement. Things may be unnerving and you may feel that you’re not ready to face it, but feelings must be expressed and cases must be solved, regardless of whether it’s the most socially accepted thing to do.

Another thing worth noting is to prepare for an unlikely pair of two contradicting needs. Given Scorpio’s tendency to initiate transformation and Taurus’ needs for stability, this combination includes a passion for a casual sex and a need for a secured relationship, which as we know, sounds too good to be true to take place on the same time. We may also want to revisit the way we communicate to others. Do you take some matters personally or are you level-headed enough to resolve things amicably? Ideally, this month’s Full Moon is a chance for us to balance our mind and our senses. As long as we know how to take a step back and understand how to use it in our favours, the Full Moon’s energy could reinforce a positive transformation in our lives.

To know which part of your life that requires a balance check, scroll down to see your predictions:


If you keep on getting worried about how your friends might view you, you won’t be able to enjoy the party. The Full Moon will challenge you to choose between friendship and the things that make you happy. If you ever have to choose, choose the latter. Don’t care about what others say, just walk away and enjoy this sunny day.


So many thoughts are spent in building your career, while your family begun to seem like distant relatives. Don’t be surprised if at the end of the week you'll hear more demands from them. If you can’t balance your timing, try to give small attention by letting them know that you’ve been doing well.


This month’s Full Moon will help you to identify what’s been bothering you. It seems that you have been listening too much, without expressing your concern. It’s never a bad idea to talk things out. Sometimes the best solution comes from a healthy discussion.


With money as your main topic this week, see if you can give more effort to manage your financial situation. There may be some temptation to find an easier shortcut by borrowing friends’ or relatives’ money, however, it’s not the best option to follow through. Trust your intuition when it says that everything will work out fine.


This Full Moon is your challenge to balance between your needs and your partner’s needs. Tension will arise when one does not feel of being heard or understood. You can choose to ignore it or to address it by giving a reassurance to your loved one. The Full Moon will help you to identify which one should come first.


This is the period where you will be tested mentally, physically, and spiritually. There’s a great chance that trouble will come knocking on your door and you’ll be forced to question everything you believe. Things may not appear as it seems, but it’s your challenge to see through the veil. If anything, see what your intuition has to say to guide you through it.


There are so many things that will your attention, Cancer! Not only you’ll have to juggle between your responsibility, you may also have to choose between a chance to enjoy your fun time and keeping up with your peers. The trick to balance it out is by letting everyone to enjoy themselves… together! While it does not seem feasible at times, but it’s the best win win solution, isn’t it?


Balancing between your work with your loved ones will not be easy during this period. Work for you has become futile but somebody needs to be the bread winner, right? Leo is a family man/woman, so what seems like a small problem is actually a big deal for you. What you need is a mood recharge this week. Spending time with your loved ones is proven to be the best medicine for you.


With your Moon in your House of Communication, while your Sun is in your House of Knowledge, it can be a challenge to balance between what your senses are telling you with what you have learned to perceive so far. Sometimes it’s not easy to elaborate how you feel about certain things, but it’s always the best idea to communicate it with others.


You haven't run out of luck, only your ideas. When it comes to making money, your intuition tells you to do things alone, but your mind tells you not to. Have you thought about collaborating with someone for your work? The more people you work with the higher the chances for you to gain more profit.


The Moon in your First House brings into focus how speaking out about how you feel matters more in your relationship. No agreement will be made until your partner understands what you’re going through. Disagreements are inevitable, but disagreements are just a way of strengthening the bond between you and your partner.


You won’t be able to see what the world has to offer if you choose to bury yourself in work. Somewhere deep inside you, your intuition is kicking in, yearning for a place called home. If possible, find some time during the weekend to travel and come home to the nature. Give yourself a chance to get to know yourself while being surrounded by lush greeneries.


Photo credit: LettersToMoon

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AstroFox: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra. What does it mean for you?

glitter eye girl magic

Happy full moon and lunar eclipse, Witchlings.

Tonight the moon is finally reaching its full potential in Indonesia area after the recent New Moon / Solar Eclipse earlier this month. Jakartans should be able to spot it at 8.01pm while Balinese can enjoy the view at around 9.01pm. Today’s Lunar Eclipse will last for about 4 hours and will be less noticeable compared to its predecessor due to its type of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. To everyone expecting the similar significant dark shadow casted by Solar Eclipse, I’m sorry to announce that this Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will be less spectacular as the shadow has a subtler touch. It will be seen as a fainter moon and I guarantee it won’t look as grande on your iPhone camera. However, do not underestimate the positive energy it radiates. Full Moon in all pagan based religions is known to be the best time to make a wish, clearing out space for new items, or just to make an overall positive changes. Use this time to create positive affirmation in your life.

The transit in Libra brings the relationship theme upfront during this period. It radiates positive peaceful energy to overcome your past traumas and relationship failures. It’s the best time to forgive your frienemies and make a new meaning of your relationships. You can also use this time to ask yourself, “What can I do to be a good friend / family members / boyfriend / girlfriend?” or preserve your relationship with your good friends and loved ones by asking them out for dinner and good times. The Moon’s energy will help you strengthen your bond with them in the long run. Not only limited to relationship with friends, tonight’s energy also helps businesses to seal the deal with partners. Sweet talking and corporate gifts will help boost your chances as well, because Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty and expensive goods. So go ahead and be social today! 

Another aspects that are relatively as important as the Lunar Eclipse today are:

Moon in Libra with Opposite Sun and Mercury in Aries

Opposition is the aspect where two planets are located opposite of each other in an astrology chart. It is when the energy of both contradicting aspects becomes inharmonious to one another. While the Moon is transiting in Libra to kickstart some creative ideas through harmonious partnerships and fair consideration, Mercury and Sun are on the contrary, sitting in Aries — the sign of ‘self’, independency, and leadership. Both are cardinal signs, which creates a strong opposition in decision making especially for self-initiated project or life-changing decision.

Today, see where you stand before making a decision that will affect you and other people. The Mercury in Aries gives you the confidence boost to express yourself while the Sun helps you to ensure your needs met. But sometimes it is best to listen to both sides and think it thoroughly, as any decision you make may affect your relationship or partnership with others.

Moon in Libra with Sextile Mars in Sagittarius

The sextile aspect is a 60∘ angle between two planets indicating a compatible energy between  the two elements. It results in a harmonious flow which can be used to realise your goal. Tonight, the creative and aesthetic vibe of Libra combined with the ever-curious wanderlust Sagittarius is pushing us to seek further to quench our thirst for knowledge and travel. It’s a good time to push through new ideas, preferably with the company of others for brainstorming and creative ideation. You can also use this time to book random plane tickets and travel away with your bosoms.

In conclusion, the best way to utilise the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon energy is by being a great company today by discussing ideas with others and considering their opinion before making any decision for yourself. 😇

Photo credit: Alia Wilhelm - Unsplash

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Hello, I'm Canti!

I am a tarot reader and an eclectic witch living in Bali, providing online tarot reading and blessing service for the mindful soul-searchers. Contact me at www.foxglovetarot.com to book a private counseling session with me.