i tried shrooms to be spiritual. this is what happened.

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I've heard crazy stories about shrooms trip from my party friends but never thought that I could actually use it for a spiritual trip.

Earlier this week, I met a friend who visited me in Ubud with her boyfriend to discuss with me about spiritual related topics. Those two seemed to be enthusiastic about everything spiritual so I asked how they got in touch with their spiritual side - since all Ubud tourists must have had an awakening at some point in their life. He told me that ever since he took shrooms in Bali, his sense got heightened and all of the sudden everything made sense for him. He had a very spiritual trip with ecstatic appearances of nature elements such as dancing trees or anthropomorphic frogs. Things were never the same for both of them.

Their brief enlightening experience had elevated their spirituality level and although they are unable to access that part anymore, at least they understand that they can feel it again with enough training. At that point I thought to myself that maybe the shrooms has unlocked the full potential of their seven chakras, giving them a sip of the sensation of being attuned with the universe. One thing I’m curious about is if the shrooms can have such illuminating effect to someone without any spiritual background, then what’s it going to do to me? It gives me a chill just to think about it, because there’s a possibility it will take me back to that dark and depressed limbo, but they assured me that everything is going to be fine.

So I decided to give it a try. I contacted the person based on my friends’ recommendation, packed the shrooms shake that I bought in Kuta (Magic Mushroom is literally available in Legian Road), and went home all the way to Ubud. I didn’t want to experience the trip when my house is swarmed by dark spirits (which happens every night between 11pm to 5am), because god knows where they’ll take me to, so I decided to take the trip on daytime instead, which was the next day after I bought it.

Below is my unedited notes from the trip. Yes I prefer it to be unedited because that’s the only way you can experience it with me. 😀

If you don’t know what the shrooms are actually doing to your brain, you can check this video by AsapSCIENCE.

(Note: The trip condition was: I was at my house, which is located at Northern Ubud, pretty close to the uphill mountain side. There’s a garden at my place, a cafe right beside my house [which plays 90s song non stop], and a rice field right in front of my window which has a lot of ducks swimming around. Oh and I have this black wild street dog that keeps on coming to my house. I named her Doggi.)

Before tripping:

Expectation: To be more spiritual. Maybe to see more spirits? Or to get new kinds of enlightenment?

Texted my friend who recommended me the shrooms. She said: “Have a nice trip! (pun intended)” Hahahah.

Tripping time:


Drank the first glass of the shake. Tastes like syrup + mixing with red-colored soda + it actually tastes pretty good!

Looks like wine now, a bunch of residue on the bottom

first sensation: it’s on the crown area, all over the head, meditative state like. Feeling really happy and giddy. Watching the duck and they’re like super funny. Finished the whole glass by munching the mushroom residues.

Start to feel tingling on my feet. It feels painful.

So I decided to take the second glass. Just go for it. Gulp it all.

Headache a bit nauseous
Neck feels really hot, nauseous, heavy on the back. 
Keep on burping. Face feels burnt, Twisty tummy

So I lied down. It’s like I’m having a crazy sickening fever and the ceiling feels as if it’s moving down. All senses are open, Feels like the first time I’m having an awakening.  Every movement of the plants and trees are shaking because they wants to talk to you

My body feels super hot

Look at the ceiling greenish blue

First part of hallucination:
The floor makes funny pattern
The wall moves closer
Sinking into the bed
I can also see some pattern emerges on my skin
Time moves slo mo
The dots on my pillowcase is growing big but I guess I shouldn’t waste my time looking at it

Vision intensifies
All the yellow just goes yellow. Bright bright yellow
There are faces on the wall

This actual life that we're living is very fragile. With a little bit of colors and fun we can see a little bit more than expected. 

Okay I'm starting to see rainbow lines in everything. Even my phone.

Died yoghurt?

If I close my eyes I keep on seeing red and blue women devils with tits claw and angry faces.

I thought my hands are dinosaurs.

I want to close my eyes but I'm pretty scared. Come let's meditate, little girl

It's a mind altering drug but it's not social at all. You just gotta feel it alone

Man if it's quiet time actually it's not really quiet. You astart to listen to stuffs in the distance

And then voice gets distorted. Like the crappy music from the neighbor

The plants are asking me to fly with them. Idk if it makes sense.

If I close my eyes, things start to have either eyeballs, teeth, or mouth or boobs and hands and claw in it.

The phone is the only reality that I have now.

I keep on hearing weird cricket. The voice keeps on repeiting by itself.

The voice of the duck multiplies. Like fast forward 100 times
You can hear bird from really2 far. It's like holy shit that's bird????1 Never heard bird from my house

Subconscious is a scary place for people who doesn't sleep

The trip feels so tiring
I can listen and sre and feel everything
This whole sound is a loop why loop idk

I realized that the cloud has been shifting from one another and that reality is really depends on what you wanna see
If you close your eyes


So hot
lost in thought, actually it's a nice day outside dammmit really no place to runaway ya
everywhere i see is a new trip

I guess I can settle here? With the ducks and the loud irritating neighbor

Went outside to see the clouds
The sky feels near af
So hot why don’t we have a bigger fan

 I guess I need to see who lives in ganesha but does it really matter?
Saw om on his trunk
All the dirt just intensifies

I tried looking at my tarot cards and they're hologram. I thought I will see the spirits inside it.
I start to understand what the cards actually mean

Doggi comes
She was just from the rice field.
Sooo dirty. Can see the dirt and blue flashes magnified. She’s not smelly tho
Now the abstract thoughts starting to come
What did she actually do with all those ducks? In the farm?

I noticed that from the room you can see really far
The neighbours house look so near
Then far
Then near again

Suddenly life has a meaning. It's like now you get why certain people has to liv this way. And then why do you have to talk? Is talking matter? Nothing matters now because it's between you and your creator.

Watching the ducks. Wow they swim in straight line.
Text Rain to tell her about ducks.

Notice lizard poopoo near the window. Theres ants under the crack too

Suddenly I understand the anatomi of the duck. Yeah man, it's just us. Living. Being
Why do people care so much about fb likes when you can be out there living feeling what the nature offers you

Man i cant remember to breathe sometimes atau kayak focusing myself to talk
Tried drinking water. Forgot how to swallow

The sun is just going to die at some point and im just here tripping sitting in the room? What the flying fuck

Wow even when im tripping i feel like working?

I head outside to bring the trip to me. Took a walk and saw black cow doggo and white doggo. The hallucination part is over though. So no more funny2 thoughts. Just following the trail and the dogs.

Saw big grasshopper on my bike. Thats when I realised that I can zoom in my vision like 3x bigger. Can see even the smallest insect. 

Noticed a bunch of stuffs is not as organic as it seems. Plastic in rice fields. But that's the most natural you can get man.

Tried hard not to giggle at random person.

So tired. Brain just get friggen tired i can't even rationalized things anymore

Finally sober. Texted my friends telling them I’m sober after texting them while tripping earlier.

Learned that the pattern that I’ve seen on my hands are actually Flower of Life.
Suddenly crave for vegan raw food, which is weird.

Must plan next trip. Maybe night time instead of daytime.

It was a very fascinating trip! Although I didn’t really enjoy closing my eyes while tripping and I was very irritated with the neighbour, I would love to revisit the shrooms experience next time. Maybe in 2-3 weeks time. 

Did I get to be more spiritual? No, not really, actually. I had some contemplating thoughts but not so much new insights. Probably because I have been spiritual to begin with and the insights it presented have been learned through meditation. But the one thing I noticed was I felt present and fully aware that I was high. I knew that the reality it presented wasn’t the actual reality. It’s almost like experiencing lucid dream where you can alter what you want to see. I tried to create energy balls or shifted some images around and it actually worked! This helped me to steer clear from bad trip and focused on the things that made me happy such as clouds, ducks, dogs, and plants. Hahahaha.

Well I guess if you’ve never been in touch with your spiritual side you may get a more enlightening experience? I don’t really know though.

Have you had a weird shroom experience? Write it in the comment box below! Or if you have any questions regarding shrooms, just write it down and I’ll try to reply you asap.

Thanks for reading.

Photo credit: Took it from Tumblr. The account got deleted, though. 

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