we are finally moving to ubud, bali!

Rice field, rice field everywhere.

Rice field, rice field everywhere.

I don’t want to be a cry baby but last week I took a big step by moving to Bali. To pack up and living my dream - something that my soul has been yearning for - has finally come true.

To move out every 2 years, from city to city, from houses to houses, is exciting yet exhilarating. This time, I barely know what I’m doing and thinking about it makes me feel inadequate sometimes. When I moved to Singapore, I haven’t found any apartments, but I was confident enough to start anew as I had already made some friends along the way. On top of that, I also had the option to come home to my boyfriend at that time if I ever needed help with anything. So I bid adieu to my parents, packed my bags, and stayed at a backpacker’s hostel for a month before finally moved out to a decent place. Everything worked perfectly fine. Meanwhile, I had only been once to Ubud, I do not have any friends here (other than my boyfriend), I have never driven any bikes here nor finding my way around the town. The only thing that kept me going was my brain who is fluent in "self-rationalising”. It reassured me that by not knowing anyone, my productivity level will increase rapidly. "Less partying, more blogging." so she said. I’m not sure if it’s true or not since the longer I’m here, the more homesick I become.

Nevertheless, the time spent here has been nothing but peaceful and blissful. Have I told you that we finally found a house? Yes, we found a house! After driving around Ubud for 3 consecutive days we finally found a house that suits our needs. I wanted a house in a tranquil area with a calming vibe (without "external disturbance” or in this case, spirits) so I can practice meditation and yoga. My boyfriend wanted a similar thing. He required some space to do his leather works (it requires hammering), an ample kitchen to cook our favourite aglio olio, and hopefully a garden. Thankfully this house has everything we need! It’s a one bedroom villa on top of a hill, with a spacious bedroom, an outdoor shower, a kitchen with a perfectly working fridge, a living room with a hammock, and a garden equipped with a bonfire pit. Everywhere I look is green as we are surrounded with rice paddies. The most important thing is, this house made me feel grateful for waking up early every day (and I’m not even a morning person), although I still can’t be bothered to sleep early.

One thing I learned here, living in Ubud is an adventure that will never end. We rise early, cook breakfast, then we leave at around 9am to find amenities nearby. We note down some interesting places whenever we find one; like a treasure hunter. Sometimes, we go to nearby cities, hoping to find another traditional market or furniture craftsmen. We cat-called wild dogs and honk at them because they sit in the middle of the road - blocking the traffic with their wagging tail. We act like Dora and Boots, only with less questions to ask. 

We also learned how to live with simple contentment. I love to cook, but living here with a tight budget requires me to adjust my recipe from my usual greek salad to stir-fried kangkung. There is no mall around here, so waking up early and going to traditional market on a daily basis is requisite. We’re also pretty stingy with our cafe budget as we are just starting our own business. "Always go for the cheapest option!”, that’s our motto. Unlike the big cities where I had always lived, every day in Ubud is a 'summer dress day' or 'no makeup day'. In some rare occasion, it can also be translated as the 'no shower day'. Strangely, living in Ubud minimises my need to impress anyone or to care so much about my appearance. We have less here, but we never feel less one bit. ☺️

To close this blog post, I just want to say thank you for the outpouring love from our dear friends and family. Whether to our decision of moving to Ubud, or to start this Foxglove project, we are humbly grateful for your support. Recently I got some questions about living in Ubud or traveling to Bali. To answer your queries, I’ll be happy to write or post any recommendations on which places to go, how to get around, etc. I’m going to add this to my current spiritual based blog posts. 😇

May you have a great Tuesday!



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