AstroFox: A Deeper Insight into The Cradle (Nov 26th - Dec 19th 2016)

Thanks, Thoth for helping me to write this!

Thanks, Thoth for helping me to write this!

When I was writing about this week's Tarotscope, I noticed an unfamiliar aspect on the chart. I probably had encountered it earlier, but I wasn't paying much attention to it (just like I wouldn't pay attention to table manner if there's a fucking PIZZA in front of me). The shape looks like a trapezoid, formed by Uranus retrograde in Aries, Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in conjunct with the Sun in Sagittarius, and Mars in Aquarius. It seems that the aspect has been around for a while (sorry, my bad) and will be around for quite some time too.

Based on my epic Google search, the trapezoid is also known as "The Cradle" in the astrology term. It started from November, 26th until December, 19th 2016.

"The Cradle is formed when four planets are connected by three sextile aspects, two trine aspects and one opposition. It is also called a Half-Hexagon because it looks like one-half of a Grand Hexagon (Grand Sextile) configuration. The Cradle is similar in energy to the Grand Sextile.” (source: Lunar Living)

The opposition is represented by Uranus and Jupiter, while the sextile is formed by Uranus - Mars - Saturn and Sun - and ends in Jupiter. The trine aspect, on the other hand, draws a line between Mars and Jupiter, along with Saturn + Sun and Uranus. You can see the image below for a detailed illustration. In case you're wondering why Saturn and Sun are mentioned together in this article, it's because both planets are currently in a conjunction aspect, which blends both energies as one.

Today's planetary chart. Did you see the trapezoid?

Today's planetary chart. Did you see the trapezoid?

The Cradle teaches us to balance the opposing with the help of the other harmonious aspects. Jupiter in Libra is pulling us closer to fruition. Once you tap its energy, it's like running to work with a donut in one hand and a Starbucks latte in another. Balance is necessary to keep your luck intact. Also known as the lucky lady, Jupiter in Libra will grant you with abundance if you are willing to take a chance in the nick of time and know how to play it cool. Jupiter in Libra wants you to be the Ferris Bueller; the charming schoolboy with a knack of rule-breaking but loved by everyone and lucky enough to get away with misadventures.

But what's stopping you, then? Retrograde Uranus in Aries will hold you back until you have mapped out everything you need to move ahead. You are passionate, but Uranus Retrograde's slow but patient pace will force you to ask yourself a lot of "Why" and examine the logical reasoning behind it instead of going ahead with the flow like Uranus Direct. Sadly, when Jupiter in Libra becomes your aim, you have to leave those rational notions behind. Because if you don't, you might miss a life-changing opportunity brought to you by the big J.

The Cradle is the astrology map you'll need to navigate you out of this confusion. The harmonious aspects (such as trine and sextile)exist to alleviate the effect of the opposite ends. On Uranus' side, we have Mars in Aquarius. If you switch the position of the planet, you'll get both planets in their respective houses. Mars is the ruler of Aries while Uranus holds the key to Aquarius. It's fascinating, isn't it? On the other hand, the Saturn and Sun in Sagittarius' energy are meant to take the edge off the jumpy Jupiter. By paying attention to the harmonious aspects, we can understand how to make the best out of the situation.

Mars in Aquarius inspires you to include flexibility in your future planning. It softens Uranus Retrograde's influence by inducing an open-mindedness to your self-restrained mind. Its trine aspect with Jupiter shows how it agrees with Jupiter's stance too. You need to be more relaxed, but you have to know why you're doing what you're doing. You'll be stubborn, but for all the right reasons. Sometimes we have to convince ourselves to take a leap when our feet have chosen to sink deep into the ground. Am I right?

On the other end, Insight Astrology called Saturn in Sagittarius as 'taming the wild horses', and I can't agree more. Saturn has this fatherly vibe that when you put it in a house filled with a bunch of party head Sagittarius, it will become your worst strict chaperone with no sense of humor. It won't stop until everyone goes to bed on time. Yup. Saturn tells you to be careful and understand the pros and the cons in everything you do.

While Saturn slows your Jupiterian progress, the Sun in Sagittarius entices you with a search for knowledge. It will ask you the same intriguing questions that Aquarius retrograde would ask, albeit childlike. These two planets are in trine aspect with Uranus retrograde, giving you a hint that to keep up with Jupiter, you have to keep your sense of wonder open. Almost like Mars' stance, the Sun knows we can run as fast as a cheetah, but we have to know where we're heading and why. Our dearest Saturn here will be our responsible speed bump, to make sure we don't abuse our speed limit too often.

When combined, the Cradle is here to give you a clue and a great learning about life. We can't be too reckless or too careful. Some choices might be necessary depending on our situation, but a caution about balance will continue to manifest itself everywhere we go. We can't afford to avert our eyes from the signs if we want to further our progress.

So what have you learned from this article so far? If you have any comments or questions about The Cradle, give me a shout out on the comment below, or tweet me!

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Hello, I'm Canti!

I am a tarot reader and an eclectic witch living in Bali, providing online tarot reading and blessing service for the mindful soul-searchers. Contact me at www.foxglovetarot.com to book a private counseling session with me.

10 questions every tarot reader must answer

Queen of Wands - Tarot of The Animal Lords

Queen of Wands - Tarot of The Animal Lords

Inspired by Marianne from Two Sides Tarot and Dana from Lavender Moon (thanks ladies! ❤️ ) , I have decided to join the bandwagon by answering these interesting questionnaires for tarot readers. Usually I’m not really into answering questions because I’m too lazy (hahah) and oftentimes I find the questions too Buzfeed-esque and way too unrelatable for me to blog about in my Foxglove website. Something like “What kind of TV show describes your life?”, you know. (although I would answer Adventure Time, but sshh, let’s play it cool here 😛 )

So anyway, if you’d like to get to know me a little bit better and understand the tarot reading process, read more below! 

1. Were you mentored, or were you self-taught?

Both! At first I started to self-teach myself by decoding the cards through the long ass description written in the book. Why? Because there’s no way you can decode the symbols in tarot in just one description. Strangely, the correct description will have like a yellow highlight inside my head and I wasn’t sure why. So I joined a supernatural club to ask around, met interesting mentors, and eventually studied under this guy’s wing. Basically what my first mentor did was galvanising me to throw my book away, opened my heart chakra, and forced me to read purely by intuition because he said I can actually do it without the book. The next few months were spent by him paying closely to my reading style and make sure I can convey the message in a neutral way.

2. Are you a psychic or a Tarot reader?

Both too! I use my clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance ability to decode the card’s message. I also love to speak to ghosts, work with deities, and performing occasional rituals and spell casting to achieve my goals.

3. Are your predictions accurate, and is accuracy important to you?

I wouldn’t say that my predictions is always accurate, nor that it’s important to me, but I do wish that the baseline that I always establish on the first few minutes of the session resonates with the querent. That’s usually how I gauge whether my intuition is working fine. Sometimes I wish I can predict the future, but then, it is always important to understand that we are all just human. Sometimes, ignorance is a bliss (which I have learned the hard way) because as you know, spoiler sucks. I always tell my clients before we start a session that future will always change and the biggest influence is my client’s very own free will. What I always like to do is to give multiple future options to my clients to cater their best interest so they can act upon whichever future they desire. Read more about this on my FAQ here.

4. Is there anything you can’t predict in a reading?
Of course! I can’t predict an exact timeline, just a rough estimate. I can’t predict an exact future too. Sometimes the card won’t tell me the answer if the card believes that the querent holds the key to the future. The querent would have to make up their mind first before I can peek inside their veil. Or, the card will decide not to tell the querent if there is an important information that they shouldn’t hear yet until a certain event happens in their life.

5. Do you use only Tarot, or are you multi-disciplinary?

Definitely multi-disciplinary! I’m currently dabbling in tarot and astrology, but I’d love to learn scrying, runes, or palmistry. I’m able to read people through their energy, but since I am not yet able to filter the information, I decided to close it a liiiittle bit until I’m ready. Like I said before, spoiler sucks. 😭

6. Is the message in the cards, or in your head?

I use my psychic ability to read the cards, so I often get clairvoyant flashes, hear the answer, or feel the emotion of the querent through cards. But some decks do like to point me to a particular symbol in their card (for instance, Tarot of The Animal Lords).

7. Are you a priest or a fortune-teller?

I am definitely not either of them. I’m not priest-like religious, but I do practice mindfulness and spirituality. As for fortune-teller, my work does not involve reading to please the client or to forecast their next fortunate events. Some readings may not sound like music to the querent’s ears, but it will still be something that they need to listen. My profession is more like an advisor or a counsellor where I would advise my client into making the right decision that will benefit them in a long run.

8. Are you a fixer or a looker?

A little bit of both, I guess? Whenever I’m in a session, I will put my energy and my thoughts into my clients. I’d like to help them as much as I could, by providing suggestions to help them with any issues they are dealing with. Eventually this will come back to their own free will and I will not push them to take my advice, but at least they will come home knowing that there is always a solution for their problem.

9. Do you read for free, or for fee?

I read for a fee. But I do read for free for other tarot readers or for charities as my own form of giving back to the community.

10. Is there anything you won’t predict in a reading?

I don’t want to predict death or any kinds of ending for that matter, or anything related to medical, legal, or financial advice. My lack of experience in such fields does not give me the right qualification to advise you. You can read more about this on my FAQ page.

I hope you enjoy my answers, Witchlings! If you are a tarot reader and you too have a tarot blog, try to answer these questions! Mention your blog in the comments section too so I can read your answers. It’s interesting to see how different each tarot readers are yet we are in this peculiar world together. ❤️

You can also connect with me by following me on Twitter and Facebook.

Have a blessed day!

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Hello, I'm Canti!

I am a tarot reader and an eclectic witch living in Bali, providing online tarot reading and blessing service for the mindful soul-searchers. Contact me at www.foxglovetarot.com to book a private counseling session with me.

What does it feel like to turn 26? PS: It's awesome!

foxglove tarot reader reading bali indonesia

Thank you for the birthday wishes, Witchlings!

So sorry if I haven’t gotten the chance to reply to everyone but hopefully this new blog post can help to pardon my laziness hahah.

So I’m turning 26 years old a few days ago on 24th September 2016, and a lot of things had happened since last year. Time flies so fast, I still feel like I'm 23 years old now. To be honest, I used to think that I would have my own house or my own babies by now, but I guess we are all just struggling with our millennial dreams. Sigh.

I’m not sure if I have written this anywhere else, but my 2015th birthday was spent worrying on whether I’m going to get a job in Singapore. Each year, I am convinced that my birthday is always going to be miserable. In 2014, I had a really amazing party with my good friends in Singapore, but I ended up crying with one of my friends when she told me that she had been raped by her relative. In 2013, my ex broke up with me a few days before and decided to throw a fit during my birthday party. I ended up cutting my hands in my room when everyone else was partying outside. I couldn’t seem to remember what happened before 2012 since my memory is pretty short term so I guess it’s pretty fucked up too. In short, I have experienced this misfortune and birthday drama way too often that I have set my happiness bar really low whenever September arrives.

But enough with the sad stories, every year can be a hopeful year too! I always look forward to experiencing “first times”, you know, new things that you encounter or learn every year. And so far, 2016 has been really kind to me, kinder than any of my birthdays before that. Here are the “first times” that I have experienced so far: 

1. I started Foxglove Tarot. 🔮 ✨

Highlight of the year! Here’s to many more years working as an online tarot reader in Bali. 😇

2. I moved to Bali + with my boyfriend. 🌴

I’ve written here earlier about the reason why I moved to Bali, and I still can’t believe that I’ve been living that dream for the past 7 months. We were like a couple who eloped to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life. But our life here is perfect, and it’s probably the happiest state that I have ever experienced in my usual sad and sour life. Thank you, Gods and Goddesses. 😃 

3. I started writing weekly astrology column. ♎️

Again, dreams come true! I’ve always wanted to be able to work as an astrology writer and this year I have pushed my limit to start learning astrology. It was really hard at first. I kept on having crazy headache because my intuition is forced to seek information beyond the usual comfort zone. But I got there, and it’s been easy peasy since. 😉 I've actually written for a few medias before, but now I’m only writing for one. Read my Tarotscope column in Magdalene here.

4. I learned to surf. 🏄

Hahahah this sounds really lame, but I am honestly scared of death by drowning. It seems more painful than car crash and shooting bullets to your brain to be honest. But my boyfriend learned to surf recently so I was convinced that surfing seems pretty doable. I had two runs and honestly, I think with more practice I’ll be able to master this so my boyfriend won’t hangout with other surfer girls. #relationshipgoals #dontmesswithscorpiomoon

5. I started my first silver jewelry line - COVEN

I was about to launch this a few weeks ago but I got in a bike accident which injured my hands pretty bad so I kind of have to postpone it. Ugh. But anyway, COVEN is basically a spell-crafted silver jewelry with various manifests depending on your needs. Our first collection is a 5 element charm bracelet - Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Spirit. It was my first time designing my own line and it was a really fun project despite the lack of experience. Check the full collection here: ✨  www.covencurio.com ✨

6. I had my first bike accident. 🤕

A week before my birthday I accidentally crashed my bike with another bike. I didn’t get heavily injured, but my trigger finger is still swollen and it took me two weeks until I am able to drive. Bummer. But anyway, lesson learned. Next time I would be a lot more patient on the road and not rushing too much.

8. I went to a psychiatrist for the first time and I finally got diagnosed. 😇

I’ve always known that there’s something wrong with my psyche but just the thought of going to a psychologist or psychiatrist freaks me out. This year, I gave myself a personal birthday present: a visit to a psychiatrist to get myself diagnosed. And apparently, I have Bipolar Disorder type 2. So what is it exactly? Don’t worry, I will write more about it and how I’ve survived it so far without meds despite the constant rush of hypomanic state and suicidal thoughts. And now, I’ve been taking mood stabiliser meds ever since in the hopes of getting better. Wish me luck, guys!

9. Surprisingly, I had a very awesome birthday party! 👯

🎧  Cue: Celebrate by Kool & The Gang 🎉

Thanks to my Ubudian buddies, Kintan & Feby, my birthday this year has become one of my favourite birthdays ever! Thanks for spending amazing 2 days with me on amazing lunch, dinner, going to abandoned place, and dance. I love you guys so so so much! 

10. I've learned to be grateful and to go with the flow. 

In my opinion, this is probably the best thing I've learned so far in 2016. 2014 and 2015 was filled with so many exciting things, I got to travel to Japan, Australia, house party hopping every weekend, meeting new exciting friends, but I wasn't really content with what I had. In Bali, me and my boyfriend are trying our best to live humbly and to spend as less as possible. We gave up our flashy big city life for a rural life simplicity. We learned, that the best way to be happy is to accept who you are and what you have without complaints. It's great to stay hopeful, but if things don't happen exactly the way you want it to be, adapt. I've learned this the hard way on 2015, and still I am grateful for the experience.

And now, after the gratitude list, I’d like to make a wish for 2017. Next year I’ll look back at this list and hopefully I’ll get to cross some of them! 

Things that I’d like to happen before my next birthday:

1. Save enough money to buy a property 🏡

I’m a little bit tired of moving around, honestly. I want to find my own home somewhere, whether it’s Jakarta, Bali, or Singapore, I just want to save enough money to buy a space that I can call as my own. Please please Universe, make this happen.

2. Get married, BUT NO BABIES YET PLEASE 👫 ❤️

After so many trials and errors, I am happy to say that I have found my perfect match (omg this sounds like I’m shopping for a liquid foundation lol). I love him, and I love how happy I am around him. Hopefully we’ll get to plan something out next year. Hopefullyyyyy.

3. Just staying stable. ☺️

My mood has been pretty stable the past one year. Sure, I have one of those depressive moments but I barely have episodes. And I only cut my wrist like what, twice only? Every year I’m getting more and more stable and I am hopeful that I can be a lot more stable than this year. You can do this Canti! 😃

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Hello, I'm Canti!

I am a tarot reader and an eclectic witch living in Bali, providing online tarot reading and blessing service for the mindful soul-searchers. Contact me at www.foxglovetarot.com to book a private counseling session with me.

how to bond with your tarot cards

My Bohemian Cats Tarot in Bukit Asah, Bali

My Bohemian Cats Tarot in Bukit Asah, Bali

Hello, Witchlings!

I just realised that I haven’t written that many articles about tarot (or that many blog post in general) ever since I got busy with my tarot gigs in Ubud, Bali.

Today I have this idea to walk you through on how to bond with your tarot cards as I came across some clients who are in dire need of sharpening their intuition. Tarot has always been the best remedy for me. I can just pick up a card, do a few readings for myself, and my intuition will get back on track. If you wonder, yes, your intuition may stop working at some point if you choose not to listen to it or choose to close it. But don’t worry, you can always open it again.

However, just having the cards alone won’t help you to unlock the ability in a flash. Being a tarot reader takes a lot of time, a lot of hard work, and most importantly, requires a strong connection between you and your card as the gateway to the universe’s library. First thing that you need to do before you start is to bond with the cards before deciding to use it to read strangers.

1. Understand what your tarot cards' personality is

I believe that different tarot cards are meant for different purposes. My Bohemian Cats tarot are very chatty, witty, and friendly. The moment I touched them, I knew that they would be amazing cards specifically for love life reading. My Thoth cards, on the other hand, is very firm and philosophical. Hence why Thoth is now becoming my staple cards for spiritual related questions. I have also baptised him to be the one who helps me with my Tarotscope readings.

By understanding your card’s personality and purposes, your intuition would immediately tell you how to bond with them. Some cards like to be touched by strangers, some cards don’t. Some cards like to talk to you about mundane things, while some others are very secretive and reserved. Read the cards’ description or search any reviews about it to get to know them a little bit further.

2. Carry the tarot cards with you everywhere you go (sleeping included!)

By carrying your cards everywhere you go, your cards would get new information about you everyday. Their energy and personality would be merged with you subconsciously. Do this for at least a week to get your tarot cards up and running with your pace.

3. Find the card's guardian and talk to them

This is an uncanny practice, but what I usually do is look at all of the cards and find their guardian; that one card who represents the whole deck. How to find out? These guardians would have the strongest presence compared to the others. Once I find them, I usually would meditate and talk to them. For me this is an important process to get your cards to bond with you. The more you bond with the guardian, the easier you can talk to them without even touching the cards. You can ask a question through channeling and the guardian will answer it for you. Interesting, right?

4. Practice, practice, practice!

I cannot emphasise this further because practice does make perfect! Train your cards to work in your favour by asking them various questions to push their limits. No need to feel restricted by their personality.

When I first met Thoth tarot, he would reject any vanilla questions, because he believed that he was meant for bigger purposes. He would also give me wisdoms instead of general reading, which was quite irritating because my querents were not always interested in wisdom. But slowly after a few years, Thoth has become more and more accustomed with the common people questions. He can even answer cheesy love questions, despite his firm yet occasional ‘tough love’ suggestions.

The truth is, you can always mould your cards’ characteristic to assist you with your readings. Their original personality wouldn’t be gone completely, they are just going to get a new kind of ability. Something that they would get only if the owner chooses to push their limit. Read for yourself, read for your friends, read as much as you can.

What would happen if I decide not to bond with my cards?

Fresh cards are usually unable to present you with a lot of details during the reading. They can also misinterpret your question and are more prone to give you the wrong answer. If you’re thinking of jumping to tarot reading without having to bond with your cards in prior, you may stumble upon some tarot reader block here and there. Bonding time with your cards will help you to acquire a more precise answer within a very short period of time (mine would be maximum 5 second). You will also require less energy as you read more with your cards. A fresh new deck would often leave you feeling lethargic and hungry, something that would not happen once you spent a few months or years bonding with your card.

Anyway, if you have some questions regarding tarot reading, feel free to contact me through email or the comment section below.

Happy bonding!

Hello, I'm Canti!

I am a tarot reader and an eclectic witch living in Bali, providing online tarot reading and blessing service for the mindful soul-searchers. Contact me at www.foxglovetarot.com to book a private counseling session with me.

4 Tips to Achieve the Longed Balance on New Moon in Taurus

new moon taurus may 2016 flowers

Tonight on May 6th 2016, we are going to welcome a game changer during this retrograde-abundant month: the New Moon in Taurus. Retrogrades can be enlightening, but I have to be honest with you, it can really lead to some frustrating events. So it’s great to finally have a change, a chance to renew and revamp our lives to pursue the coveted stability in the midst of this turbulent weeks.

New Moon in Taurus gives us the reminder to clear out any aspects or elements that does not seem to contribute to our pursuit for a balanced live. Infused with Taurus' traits as a Venus ruling sign, our focus this week is to pay attention to the balance in our love life and financial situation. If you feel as if everything’s going unsteady recently, please blame the Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto for choosing the same month to go on a retrograde trip. Although Taurus sign is known for its stubbornness and the inability to adapt to quick changes, the New Moon’s energy will help you to snap out of this confusion and make the right yet quick decision to survive this storm and live a smooth sailing life. To me, the New Moon in Taurus feels more like, “Cut the crap, let’s get down to the business shall we?” (Maybe this is also why I write a little bit differently on this blog post, I’m not sure, hahaha)

Below are some tips on how you can achieve the balance you’ll need:


1. Cut Ties with your Toxic Ex Amicably

Mercury Retrograde is known to bring your ex from the dead for no whatsoever reason. When the Mercury moves backward, the people who are currently in your present will have a difficulty of moving anything forward with you, but the people from your past may be tempted to initiate something. Some will cause havoc, some will just remind you of the good old days. I know this because my ex just recently said hi to me after blocking me off Facebook for months. Hehehe. But don’t worry, the New Moon will not let your heart lingers in the past anymore. Cut ties with them who will definitely bring imbalance in your life. You can either ghost them or have an amicable goodbye, but think twice before you hurt their feelings. Don’t forget that Saturn is also in retrograde, which means, karma will come faster to you than usual. Hmmm.

2. Go Steady

If the constant push and pull between you and your crush has been causing you some distress recently, the best way to play this out is either by going steady or cutting ties with them once and for all. It may not be ideal to start a relationship during New Moon, since all beginnings are supposed to start on Full Moon. However, New Moon is the perfect time to end a toxic cycle, in this case, the feeling of uncertainty which surrounds your cat and mouse game. So give them two options, either they’re in or they’re out. The same question should be asked to you too. Are you ready to spend your days with them or nah? With New Moon and its role as a catalyst of change, you are compelled to make the decision now or you’ll be left with the same cycle until the next Full Moon. So, which one would you choose?


3. Find a Job that Pays You Well

Do you feel as if the time you spent on working is not equal with the amount of money you are making? Has your current job brought you so much confusion and unhappiness? Do you crave for a work life balance? Tonight’s New Moon is a great time to stop living as a corporate slave and start applying for a more balanced career options! Mars in retrograde may soften your hunger and ambition for a job that pays you well, however, The New Moon in Taurus will help us to realise that we’ll have to do something about our financial situation. You can also opt for a more relaxed job with a fair wage to compensate for lesser responsibility if getting a higher paying job is not an option. Time would be considered as a luxury to compensate for the lower pay. Whichever options you choose, please ensure that the job you’ll choose will have a fair and reasonable wage according to the time and effort you spend.

4. Cut Down on Unnecessary Expenses

If quitting your job is not a feasible option at this point, you can try to cut down some of the subsidiary expenses to balance the outcome with the income. Venus, the planet which rules Taurus, could easily tempt you to spend more money to buy the high quality goods although the moderate ones would still suffice. Don't fall for this trap, Witchlings, because it would be much harder to climb up again due to the nature of the New Moon. The New Moon aspires to lead you to a simpler yet balanced life. Thus, this splurging habit should easily be concluded as one of the few bad habits to be eliminated during this period. You can still reward yourself for your hard work, but only if the goods that you desire is a necessity.

So, now that you know what to do, tell me what's your plan for this month's New Moon! Write me in the comment section and I'll see if I can give you some insights.

As usual, good luck everyone! 🌚 

Foxglove Tarot Bali

Hello, I'm Canti!

I am a tarot reader and an eclectic witch living in Bali, providing online tarot reading and blessing service for the mindful soul-searchers. Contact me at www.foxglovetarot.com to book a private counseling session with me.