Full Moon in Scorpio: a challenge to balance the mind and the heart

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Tonight on April 22nd, expect a tug-o-war between your logic and your gut feeling as the Full Moon in Scorpio will be in opposite of the Sun in Taurus. The Taurus-Scorpio opposition highlights the topic of “illumination” and “balance" for any deep seated problems. Both star signs are fixed signs, which creates a tendency to overthink the smallest problem, while avoiding any chance to communicate your feelings. Any problems that you thought you had buried deeply may arise to give path to a settlement. Things may be unnerving and you may feel that you’re not ready to face it, but feelings must be expressed and cases must be solved, regardless of whether it’s the most socially accepted thing to do.

Another thing worth noting is to prepare for an unlikely pair of two contradicting needs. Given Scorpio’s tendency to initiate transformation and Taurus’ needs for stability, this combination includes a passion for a casual sex and a need for a secured relationship, which as we know, sounds too good to be true to take place on the same time. We may also want to revisit the way we communicate to others. Do you take some matters personally or are you level-headed enough to resolve things amicably? Ideally, this month’s Full Moon is a chance for us to balance our mind and our senses. As long as we know how to take a step back and understand how to use it in our favours, the Full Moon’s energy could reinforce a positive transformation in our lives.

To know which part of your life that requires a balance check, scroll down to see your predictions:


If you keep on getting worried about how your friends might view you, you won’t be able to enjoy the party. The Full Moon will challenge you to choose between friendship and the things that make you happy. If you ever have to choose, choose the latter. Don’t care about what others say, just walk away and enjoy this sunny day.


So many thoughts are spent in building your career, while your family begun to seem like distant relatives. Don’t be surprised if at the end of the week you'll hear more demands from them. If you can’t balance your timing, try to give small attention by letting them know that you’ve been doing well.


This month’s Full Moon will help you to identify what’s been bothering you. It seems that you have been listening too much, without expressing your concern. It’s never a bad idea to talk things out. Sometimes the best solution comes from a healthy discussion.


With money as your main topic this week, see if you can give more effort to manage your financial situation. There may be some temptation to find an easier shortcut by borrowing friends’ or relatives’ money, however, it’s not the best option to follow through. Trust your intuition when it says that everything will work out fine.


This Full Moon is your challenge to balance between your needs and your partner’s needs. Tension will arise when one does not feel of being heard or understood. You can choose to ignore it or to address it by giving a reassurance to your loved one. The Full Moon will help you to identify which one should come first.


This is the period where you will be tested mentally, physically, and spiritually. There’s a great chance that trouble will come knocking on your door and you’ll be forced to question everything you believe. Things may not appear as it seems, but it’s your challenge to see through the veil. If anything, see what your intuition has to say to guide you through it.


There are so many things that will your attention, Cancer! Not only you’ll have to juggle between your responsibility, you may also have to choose between a chance to enjoy your fun time and keeping up with your peers. The trick to balance it out is by letting everyone to enjoy themselves… together! While it does not seem feasible at times, but it’s the best win win solution, isn’t it?


Balancing between your work with your loved ones will not be easy during this period. Work for you has become futile but somebody needs to be the bread winner, right? Leo is a family man/woman, so what seems like a small problem is actually a big deal for you. What you need is a mood recharge this week. Spending time with your loved ones is proven to be the best medicine for you.


With your Moon in your House of Communication, while your Sun is in your House of Knowledge, it can be a challenge to balance between what your senses are telling you with what you have learned to perceive so far. Sometimes it’s not easy to elaborate how you feel about certain things, but it’s always the best idea to communicate it with others.


You haven't run out of luck, only your ideas. When it comes to making money, your intuition tells you to do things alone, but your mind tells you not to. Have you thought about collaborating with someone for your work? The more people you work with the higher the chances for you to gain more profit.


The Moon in your First House brings into focus how speaking out about how you feel matters more in your relationship. No agreement will be made until your partner understands what you’re going through. Disagreements are inevitable, but disagreements are just a way of strengthening the bond between you and your partner.


You won’t be able to see what the world has to offer if you choose to bury yourself in work. Somewhere deep inside you, your intuition is kicking in, yearning for a place called home. If possible, find some time during the weekend to travel and come home to the nature. Give yourself a chance to get to know yourself while being surrounded by lush greeneries.


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I am a tarot reader and an eclectic witch living in Bali, providing online tarot reading and blessing service for the mindful soul-searchers. Contact me at www.foxglovetarot.com to book a private counseling session with me.

this week in AstroFox: April 4th - 10th 2016

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This week’s chart brings to focus how our past actions will eventually come back and catch our tongue. Use this opportunity to pay attention and be mindful of what you say or do. But don’t forget to take a chance on love while you can!

Saturn in Retrogade
Saturn is in retrogade all week until August 13th, which gives us a reality check to be responsible in certain aspects according to which house the Saturn is located. If the Saturn is located in your 7th House and you haven’t paid much attention to someone you love, Saturn will ensure we give enough attention through hardships or relationship fallouts. Saturn is a karmic planet. Its focus revolves around responsibility, self-discipline, and respect. We will be tested to take extra responsibility during this period. It may be hard and frustrating at times, but I can assure you that the lesson will be valuable.

Mercury to Taurus and Venus to Aries
This Wednesday onwards, expect the communication flow between you and your peers or colleagues to be slow, careful, but logical, while your love life takes a daring turn when Mercury and Venus makes their transit concurrently. Taurus is a stubborn and decisive sign but they take such long process to get to their point as everything needs to be concise and aligned with their message. On the other hand, with Venus heading towards Aries this Wednesday, the vibe will help you to go bold, up-front, and impulsive with your feelings. Aries people don’t have time to sit and wait. They do what their heart tells them and they say what they think. Get ready to catch their adventurous energy this Wednesday!


Aries ♈️

Try to move faster than the light, Aries! This week, several opportunities are heading your way but you seem to be distracted to choose the one that suits your needs. There’s no time to think as the Sun is moving closer towards Uranus, the planet of luck for career and creativity. The Sun will be in 0 degrees of Uranus this Sunday so take your chance before it moves past right before your eyes!

Career - Money - Health
This week you are going to be showered with career opportunities as a reward for your relentless effort. You can always pat yourself in the back later, because right now you need to focus on your health more. Saturn in Conjunction with Mars and trine with both Sun and Uranus shows your passion for work along with the luck that comes with it. However, the square with Jupiter in your 6th House indicates health problem that you need to pay attention to. Work hard, but don’t forget to rest hard!

Love (Single)
With the Sun in your 1st House, you still have that sun shining confidence until it shifts to Taurus. The trine with Saturn in your 9th House gives you the benefit of being picky in making new contacts. Watch out for some people who are trying to take advantage of you.

Love (In A Relationship)
Venus is heading towards Aries this Wednesday, just in time to be in conjunction with the Moon in your 12th House. This makes Wednesday the perfect day to have a date night at home to talk about where this relationship is going. You may want to discuss about how things are going to pan out in the next few months.


Taurus ♉️

This week, most Taureans are not in the mood to be involved in conflict and disagreements. With Venus shifts to your 12th House to be with your Sun and Moon this Thursday, your focus veers to what you could have done better to accommodate your needs. This is the time to treat yourself with respect and love. Conflicts would not help you in finding that missing piece of your soul, so don’t waste too much time meddling in it.

Career - Money - Health
If it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably not a good idea to pursue it. With Saturn in retrograde in your 8th House, it’s time for you to be careful in making any decisions that involves another person or business entity in your work. Use this Wednesday’s opportunity when Mercury arrives in your 1st House. You need all the luck in communicating your thoughts to be able to see the light. It’s really tough to see behind all those glitters, I know, but it’s worth a try.

Love (Single)
This week, take some time for yourself to be completely in love. To love and be in love does not negate who you are as an individual. Sometimes it completes you, like how milk complements your coffee. With Sun in your 12th House while in square with Pluto in 9th House, falling in love seems like a bad and scary idea at times. But hey, so does learning to drive a car and sipping your first glass of beer right?

Love (In A Relationship)
Everything you throw to the Universe, will get back to you at some point in your life. Sometimes they knock on your door gently, sometimes they just tear the whole wall down. Venus is moving towards to your 12th House this Wednesday, so this week is one of those days where it’s very important for you to pay attention to how you treat your partner. Be sensitive and listen to them when they need you the most, or else.


Gemini ♊️

Staying motivated in pursuing your wish/dream is something that you should do despite the fact that things go wrong once in a while. There’s no room for disappointment this week as you need to shift your focus immediately to something more important. Mercury in conjunct with Moon on Friday and Saturday may bring some melancholic mood, but don’t worry, Moon’s trine with Jupiter and Pluto will snap you back into reality as quick as a flash.

Career - Money - Health
Although Gemini is known for its strength in multitasking, there’s no time for you to juggle too many things at once because this week leaves you exhausted. Saturn in Retrogade in your 7th House while in square with Jupiter in 4th House compels you to pay attention to your work life balance. Recharge yourself by coming home to your loved ones to keep you focused.

Love (Single)
You’re almost there, you just need a little bit more effort before you seal the deal. They have reciprocated to your feelings, so it won’t take long to finally be in their arms. For those who haven’t found anyone, weekend will be a great point to start your search. The Sun is moving towards 0 degree with Uranus in your 11th House, so look around in your circle of friends for a good luck in love.

Love (In A Relationship)
You got a good thing going in your relationship this week. Without a doubt, your attention to little things is finally paid off. With Mars and Saturn in your 7th House, you know exactly what ticks your partner, and you try to avoid doing it as much as possible. Good call!


Cancer ♋️

As a typical Cancer, it’s not enough for you to worry about yourself, you always carry the world’s problem on your shoulder as well. The Universe will ensure you get the message this week. The Moon will be in square with Saturn in retrograde on Tuesday to remind you of how important you are. Your health (or you in general) is much more important than their problem, so try not to over think what others are going through. Simply put, their problem is not (always) your problem.

Career - Money - Health
With your career going uphill this week, so do the obstacles that are coming your way. Saturn is in retrograde in your 6th House, so expect a very ‘enlightening’ talk with your boss about how you can step up the quality of your work for the company. Not to mention giving up more of your personal time for late night shifts. Use the energy of Saturn’s current neighbour, Mars, to negotiate with your superior.

Love (Single)
You can’t accomplish anything without putting much effort. Right now, everything is going smooth, but you found yourself lost in the process already. No wonder, the Sun is in square with Pluto in your 7th House, so moving further beyond this point is a little bit tough. All you have to do is arrange a nice dinner with a seemingly effortless smooth talk (which isn’t easy, I know).

Love (In A Relationship)
This week, your relationship requires a little bit more understanding about each other. With Venus shifting to your 10th House and Pluto sitting in your 7th House, it’s unlikely for you to be able to understand your partner’s feelings. It seems disconnected at times, but it’s not the end of the world. The only way you can get through this is by communicating with them openly. 


Leo ♌️

Leos are well known for their big ego, so it’s not surprising that this week you feel the urge to feed your ego by basking in everyone’s attention. The Sun is in your 9th House, so small imperfections will irk you, but for reasonable reasons. Be careful of the way you deliver suggestions, because you’re not the only one with strong opinion. Your attitude, although meant well, may rub some people the wrong way. 

Career - Money - Health
Going strong, Leos! Career won’t be a problem for you as the Saturn sits in your 5th House while in trine with both Sun and Uranus this week. You manage to find the balance between work and play, thus, thinking out of the box becomes natural for you. Your health will cooperate with you as Mercury shifts to your 10th House this Wednesday. Keep it up!

Love (Single)
Not a single women or men can resist your charm this week. You may not be the best of everything but your confidence and eloquent manner shines through and you start to get noticed. You may be tempted to use this opportunity to break some hearts, but be careful because retrograde Saturn in your 5th House will make sure you don’t cross that line.

Love (In A Relationship)
Jealousy is a double edged sword. It can either strengthen your relationship or break it. In this case, if you feel jealous or possessive of your loved ones, take it as your instinct coming to play. You don’t want to lose them, which is completely understandable. As long as you don’t tighten your grip and leave them suffocated, this possessive traits of yours will not be of a problem for now.


Virgo ♍️

Not watering your crops won’t make them grow on their own, it will only make them wither and die. It means, you won’t get what you want unless you do something about it. Jupiter has been positioned in your 1st House, so it’s safe to say that your luck won’t run out so soon. However, due to the square aspect with Sagittarius on your 4th House, you may be unable to leave your comfort zone to look for new opportunities. Be brave and bold, or the only one who will ruin your chance is yourself. 

Career - Money - Health
Your career or work life is moving slow but steady as Saturn is in retrograde in your 4th House. You start gaining recognition among your small circle and you’re happy with what you achieve right now. Cherish this moment because it’s highly unusual for Virgos to be content with simple joy (yes, I’m a Virgo Ascendant hence why this sounds about right).

Love (Single)
Pluto in your 5th House indicates that love is not your first priority because you are more concern with how you can finally be comfortable with yourself. With Pluto in square with Sun and Uranus, it feels as if you lost your confident self throughout this week. But don’t worry, once you find the hook, you will be out there and about in no time.

Love (In A Relationship)
You don’t always have to go through things alone when you have someone who loves you by your side. With Neptune and Venus situated right at the opposite of Jupiter in your 1st House, it may be a bit difficult for you to share things with your loved ones right now. But trust me, they will still be your biggest supporter no matter what. Don’t worry be happy, Virgos!


Libra ♎️

Things are fluctuating and relatively unstable for you this week, but you seem to find the silver lining in every misfortune you see. Your ability to see the bigger picture makes you realise how everything is interconnected and how you are just a tiny pawn in a bigger scheme. During this Saturn retrograde, see if you can be surrounded by truth tellers as it will help you to release the knots in your Throat Chakra.

Career - Money - Health
The prospect of your career is connected to the people you meet and how fast you can catch the opportunity. Don’t waste your time making connection with people who will not be any useful in helping you grow. At the same time, do not make new enemies. You don’t need to have someone trying to pull you down when you’re busy climbing the mountain.

Love (Single)
The more you continue to be this happy, the more hearts you’ll break! Don’t worry about not making connection you want when you’re actually making enough connection with everyone. The good news is, you have a lot of options to go with this week. But the bad news is, you can’t really decide which one. So be quick and make it count!

Love (In A Relationship)
With both of you trying to make things work in other aspects, less energy is channeled into keeping the sparks alive. Venus will arrive in your 7th House this Wednesday to help you get the romance back in the bedroom, so use that opportunity to be comfortable in each other’s arms again.


Scorpio ♏️

Without the stability to sustain your life, you seem to be out of balance lately. Your respective planet, Pluto, is in square with Sun and Uranus in your 6th House this week, demonstrating how this instability is affecting your self-confidence and your creativity. You need to find some alone time to figure out your purpose. Sometimes the best answer comes in silence.

Career - Money - Health
With Saturn in retrograde on your 2nd House, you will be given a lot of opportunity to grow in your money-making career. But this comes with a catch. The money that you make may have to be sacrificed for your own happiness, or for the happiness of others. Remember, money will not bring you happiness unless you choose so. Therefore, do what’s right according to your heart.

Love (Single)
Single Scorpios would not last a chance until you find the courage to speak up your mind. As soon as Venus leaves your 5th House this Wednesday, you immediately go back to hermit mode. Find the balance between your extrovert and introvert traits before you decide to go on dates and you’ll do great.

Love (In A Relationship)
Although there’s a certain level of comfort between you and your partner, seems that this week would not be the best time to start an argument as both of you are in need of support. Thankfully the smart and witty Mercury is coming to the rescue this Wednesday to help you fix this issue. Expect a spontaneous yet heartwarming moment this Saturday when the Moon arrives in your 7th House.


Sagittarius ♐️

Not a single soul can stop you from chasing your dreams as long as Mars and retrograde Saturn are positioned in your 1st House. It’s a great initiative but be mindful of the jealous eyes. Don’t flaunt your luck everywhere you go and certainly don’t drive yourself too fast or you’ll hit the door. You can always go steady and calculate your steps. It can save you a lot of pain in the long run.

Career - Money - Health
Career may be your main motive this week, but do not underestimate the power of listening. With Saturn in trine with Sun and Uranus, it’s very easy to dismiss other’s opinion that may be beneficial for you because as an independent Sagittarius you have always survived alone anyway. But trust me, this time it’s best to take their suggestion into consideration.

Love (Single)
The Sun and Venus in your 5th House help you to get a little bit of extra confidence to take major bold steps on your love pursuit. You’re fine on your own and you are enjoying this pursuit as it goes. However, don’t forget that it always takes two to tango. What’s best for you may not be the best for your crush, so, practice a lot of compromising to keep them in your arms.

Love (In A Relationship)
Find solace in your loved one as you brace yourself for a struggle to come. They may be unable to give you the full physical support that you need, but their words, love, and kindness, are strong enough to get you back on your feet.


Capricorn ♑️

To find the best possible solution to your problem requires some minor adjustments on your side. With Pluto in your 1st House and Saturn in retrogade in your 12th House, it won’t take long until you see the bigger picture to find the answer. Remember, you can always choose a different path whenever your heart tells you to.

Career - Money - Health
You can’t always understand what your colleagues are trying to say, but you always try to make up for it. Saturn is in square with Jupiter in the 9th House, so it’s possible that everything is just a matter of miscommunication. You have the talents, just not enough time to decode everything. Don’t worry, everyone always has something to learn from their mistakes.

Love (Single)
Chances are called ‘chances’ because they don’t happen everyday. This Wednesday, don’t miss the arrival of Mercury in your 5th House to give you the charm and wit to help you prevail. After that, things will go smooth sailing on your side so use this opportunity to finally get things going.

Love (In A Relationship)
New things are unfolding and you are excited to find out what’s next. But be careful of your steps as your curiosity may cause you to step on a bear trap as we speak. Use this opportunity to stop assuming and find the truth directly from them instead.


Aquarius ♒️

This week brings into focus a lot of questions about yourself, particularly about spirituality and how you plays a part as a microcosm in this Universe. Pluto is in your 12th House while in square with Sun and your respective planet, Uranus, so no wonder if you feel a little bit lost and confused. However, the answer that you’re looking for has always been within yourself. All you need to do is to sit still and listen to your soul.

Career - Money - Health
Although you’re more interested in doing things your way, your luck for career this week lies on collaboration or partnership with your colleagues / peers in your network. Saturn in retrograde is sitting in your 11th House, which explains why it will be tougher to shine on your own. See if you can appreciate their help by asking them out for dinner or drinks. It’s social time!

Love (Single)     
For a change, try to find your love within your close circle of friends. The Sun might be located in your 3rd House, but its square with Pluto seems to be holding things back in this futile attempt. Look at the bright side, you don’t have to get out of your comfort zone to flirt with someone at least, right?

Love (In A Relationship)
Some things are easier said than done. For you, no time should be wasted to try harder because you have done your best. For them, your initial effort itself is not enough and there’s always room for improvement. This week, see if you can find the right balance between your expectation and theirs by talking things through.



This is the right time for you to put your intuitive ability into use! Your respective planet, Neptune is in your 1st House, so it’s easy to understand why things will work out better for you if your intuition comes into play. It may not work with everyone though, as the location of your Neptune is opposite Jupiter, the planet of knowledge, in your 7th House. But don’t worry, your intuition will lead you to be with the right people throughout your journey.

Career - Money - Health
Work life balance is something you’ve been yearning for, but sadly there’s not enough time for it right now. The retrogade Saturn stays in your 10th House so career seems to be doing well for you. It gave you the worldly material that you need, but it seems to have kept you unnecessary busy. Take short breaks when you need to and keep yourself hydrated.

Love (Single)
To keep things afloat between you and your crush, there needs to be a deeper understanding about how each other feels. Both of you need to be able to be each other’s strength when needed. This will help to strengthen your bond and passion in the long run.

Love (In A Relationship)
With Jupiter in your 7th House and Venus in your 1st House, things may shake a bit through conflict to open another layer of your relationship. Minor disagreements are one of the few. I see that there’s nothing major that can change how you feel about them. The best thing you can do is to patch that wound with love and kisses and keep your Satur-date night on.

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Hello, I'm Canti!

I am a tarot reader and an eclectic witch living in Bali, providing online tarot reading and blessing service for the mindful soul-searchers. Contact me at www.foxglovetarot.com to book a private counseling session with me.

this week in AstroFox: march 28th - april 3rd 2016

blue sky mountain cloud

A few exciting things are happening this week. The moon is in transit in Sagittarius between Monday to Wednesday, giving you a prideful feeling of being the most knowledgeable of all. Close the weekday with a bang as the moon hops through Capricorn on Thursday and Friday, giving you a sense of responsibility and wisdom. On the weekend, look to enjoy the moon’s energy in Aquarius by giving yourself that me-time you’ve been craving for.

This week also brings into focus how you communicate and relate with others. Don’t miss the energy of the Sun in conjunct with Mercury, this planet of communication and health is deeply influenced by the outer planets from Tuesday to Thursday. I’d like to call this “The Mercury Affair” for this week’s report. With the help of Uranus, the planet of information and higher truths, your communication style should be able to better convey your actual meaning. This doesn't mean direct truths though, as the Mercury trine with Saturn gives you the ability to be diplomatic with others. Watch your words well, because it can be mistaken as an invitation for arguments. Mercury in square with Pluto often breaks relationships due to lack of communication. So make sure you’re not one of those unlucky people this week!


This week, shift your focus in spreading love for others and to end a recurring bad cycle of getting involved in arguments. With a combination of Uranus and Mercury in your star sign, you will have an urge to prove your point. However, be careful of Mercury’s trine with Saturn and Square with Pluto from Tuesday to Thursday. You may hurt the people you love with your brutally honest words. 

Career - Money - Health
With Mercury in trine with Saturn this week, your career will get the opportunity to step up only if you make your voice heard. Patience is the best key, but don’t take too long in sitting on the problem. There will be no money problem this week, but watch out for your health because Jupiter in trine with Pluto on your House of Health can tempt you to eat carelessly.

Love (Single)
Nothing will ever be truly in our favour if we refuse to balance it. This week you really don't want to be bothered with all the drama that comes with falling for someone else. Especially between Monday to Wednesday, where the influence of Uranus is strong in your houses. Time to take a break to focus on things that really matters to you right now.

Love (In A Relationship)
For attached Aries, recently you long for tenderness to resurface in your relationship. You have reached a comfortable level where there’s no conflict, but the warmth is nowhere to be found at the same time. All you need is a reassurance that love still drives your boat. Communicate your worries when the Moon sits in Capricorn this Thursday. It will be tough to agree to everything, but at least you try to make things work again.


Taurus ♉️

Although you spend most of your time being logical and mildly obsessed with worldly possessions, you can’t be bothered to give it a priority at the moment. Your focus is in human relationships as Venus sits in your House of Friendship this week. You want to be there for your friends, lending them a hand as much as you can. Hopefully this great initiative ends with you gaining a sweet new layer of friendship.

Career - Money - Health
With Saturn in square with Jupiter throughout the week, you will experience some conflict and obstacles in the work place, particularly with your superiors (it can be the boss or a client). As the moon frolics around your Saturn on Tuesday and Wednesday, you may take this obstacle as an attack on you personally, which lowers your self confidence. But don’t worry, your colleagues will give you the support you need during trying times between Tuesday to Thursday. 

Love (Single)
There’s too much speculation in your head about what happened and what will happen in the future. Mercury is in square with Pluto in your 12th House until Friday, so it’s normal for you to be very careful in how you communicate because you don’t want them to stray away. Let go of your worries and you’ll find the way to make room for love.

Love (In A Relationship)
The neighbours’ grass seems greener than yours, but it doesn’t mean that their grass will grow as green in your yard too. Don’t wish for other things just because you feel that your relationship is too stagnant to function. Boredom is normal, soon enough you’ll find a way to get out of it together. 


Gemini ♊️

This week is an intense week for you as Mercury is in multiple affairs with other planets! One thing for sure is that you'll have to take things a lot seriously to seize new opportunities. As of now, Mercury in trine with Saturn from Tuesday to Thursday encourages you to see things from a bigger perspective while squaring with Pluto forces you to leave things behind. So the question is, are you ready to make that difficult decision yet? 

Career - Money - Health
With Saturn inhabiting your 7th House and Venus occupying Saturn’s 10th House, your career life is blessed by the opportunity of a mutually beneficial partnership this week. Not so much luck in increasing your reputation among others, but this partnership will result in new variations of creative ideas thrown across the meeting room.

Love (Single)
So close, yet so far. You have tried so much but how come it always doesn’t seem to work out? The Sun in conjunct with Uranus and Mercury this week seems to boost your confidence, but keeps you out of touch with your heart. Channel your inner lover this Monday to Wednesday when the moon transits on your 7th House and see if they’re finally taking your call. Best of luck!

Love (In A Relationship)
Moon is coming to your 7th House this Monday to Wednesday so expect a romantic night together. While Mars’ influence brings out your opinionated nature, the Saturn conjunction helps you to balance the way you communicate with your partner. Expect  a fiery passionate week in your relationship, if you know what I mean. ;)


Cancer ♋️

This week, you feel like you’ve had enough in carrying someone else’s burdens or expectations towards you. No more Mr/Mrs Nice Cancer as Saturn and Mars are in control of your 6th House. From Monday to Wednesday, you are more focused on your mental health as the moon is transiting at your House of Health. No stress can get into you, and you have all the right to be selfish. After getting the love and support you need between Thursday to Friday, it’s time to declutter on the weekend. Note down the things that stresses you and take action. It’s the only way you can find peace of mind.

Career - Money - Health
As Mercury along with its “affairs” sits on your 10th House, you suddenly morph into a working powerhouse. With the help of the Sun and Uranus on the side, you are ready to brace the challenges. Sometimes you feel like you’ve had enough with the criticisms, but you are confident enough this week to hold your head high and move on. 

Love (Single)
In order to find the right one, you have to be fully in love with yourself first. This is exactly what you’ve been practicing this week, Cancer. The art of self love is as important as loving someone else. Your motto this week, “If you can’t love yourself, who will?"

Love (In A Relationship)
Emotional upheaval in a relationship is inevitable, especially for the perpetually emotional Cancer. This Friday, the Moon in your 7th House together with Pluto gives you the time you need to reflect and sort things out. 


Leo ♌️

The Sun is currently in conjunct with The Mercury Affair in your 9th house, keeping you confident in words and ideas. People look up to you for advice whether you like it or not and it does help in stroking your lioness ego. Use this opportunity to help and guide others, who are not as lucky as you, to find their way. Leo’s planetary ruler is the Sun, which explains why everyone is drawn towards you for wisdom.

Career - Money - Health
This week, your planet of career, Saturn, is in square with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. It keeps you from getting enough recognition for your good hard work. For a Leo, this would be a big problem as personal recognition is something that you value the most. Keep it low for now and continue to strive for the best. You may reap the fruit of your labour in the next few weeks.

Love (Single)
With moon hopping through your 5th House from Monday to Wednesday together with Mars and Saturn, expect a very ambitious yet passionate love pursuit. Your emotion gets in the way occasionally, so pay attention to how your crush will feel about it. One advice, don’t move hastily. We all know how rejection feels like and trust me, you really don’t wanna get any this week.

Love (In A Relationship)
For Leos who already got their heart set, this weekend is a great time to discuss about the future with your significant other. While the moon transits on your 7th House this weekend, at the same time it creates a beautiful sextile with Saturn, Sun, Mercury, and Uranus. Although you shouldn’t make any decision so quick yet, it’s a nice day to chat about how you two can plan a spontaneous trip to Mexico or flying to Thailand for their signature cricket crackers.


Virgo ♍️

Virgo is the king/queen of perfectionism and multitasking, but this time you are exhausted of having to figure out everything by yourself. Although The Mercury Affair keeps your planetary ruler to be in trine with Saturn the ambitious, the Pluto’s influence grows stronger on you. Pluto is a transformative planet and usually gets in the way for healing purposes. This week, try to listen to your what your heart wants. It may be tough because Virgo’s mind is always busy, but it will be for the best.

Career - Money - Health
Even though your career is going up this week, you don’t really feel like you belong in the team anymore. Sometimes you feel as if your confidence self has gone on vacation when you need them the most. Saturn in square with Jupiter in your 1st House gives you a sense of feeling lost. Don’t worry, this only lasts temporary. See if you can recover yourself both physically and mentally and you’ll get back on your feet in no time.

Love (Single)
You are more attuned with your sensitive side as the Moon flies through Sagittarius between Monday and Wednesday. Not only does this give you the advantage of attracting your crush by exhibiting your vulnerable side, it also preps you to take frisky actions on Thursday and Friday. That’s when the Moon is in conjunction with Pluto,  forcing you to end your stagnant relationship status. Time to go steady!

Love (In A Relationship)
With Venus and Neptune occupying your 7th House, there’s no other sign as loving and understanding as a Virgo this week. You seem to understand your partner without them having to convince you of anything. 


Libra ♎️

Everything in your life seems to be moving in fast forward recently. With Mercury occupying your 7th House while your respective planet, Venus, occupying Mercury’s 6th House, you are on top of your networking game this week. You are eager to build relationship with others without any shy or wishy washy prep talk. This week is the best week to just hop in the bus and say, “Hey, I’m Libra. How are you?"

Career - Money - Health
Not to give you any scare or anything, but your career will not move forward if you don’t give yourself a chance to go out there and tell them who you are. The only block that you’ll have is a square with Jupiter in your 12th House, which is all the made up scenario you have in your head. Nothing really comes true unless you actually try it. 

Love (Single)
With the Sun stepping into your 7th House along with Mercury and Uranus, you are confident that you have found the right person and you have all the tricks under the sleeves ready for desperate times. You’re not worried that they’re going to leave you for someone else, because you know you’re irresistible for them. Yet even if they do, you’re fine being on your own anyway.

Love (In A Relationship)
This week, your constant argument with your loved one has finally slowed down as you are beginning to understand each other better. The Sun, Mercury, and Uranus are lingering in your 7th House, so you have the upper hand in expressing what you want without having to lead to an argument. Your partner can be really irritating, yet you’ll still love them anyway.


Scorpio ♏️

As Pluto, your respective planet, sits in your 3rd House, you find yourself unable to tolerate all the liars, bigots, and cheaters whenever you find one. Although it gives you the opportunity to meet the like minded people, it does give you the headache just intensely thinking about it. Pluto in square with both Uranus and Mercury in your 6th House indicates a possibility of health deteriorating due to the inability to clearly communicate this obsession. As much as possible, don’t lose your cool, okay?

Career - Money - Health
Great news for Scorpio this week! The Saturn is currently sitting in your 2nd House, boosting your finance through your work and career. The only obstacle you have is balancing between your work and your friendship due to the square aspect between Saturn and Jupiter in your 11th House. Bad news for business owner / freelancer Scorpios. Your friends may be interested to hire you, but most likely they will ask for “friend’s price”. If you can surpass this, they will recommend you to their extended network though. So good luck in making the decision!

Love (Single)
The moment you start thinking about love, the more you feel the L word shivering down your spine. Venus may be occupying your 5th House, but your Sun in 6th House has a stronger impact on your self confidence. Since you’ve been using a lot more of your brain this week, you find yourself becoming nervous when sliding into the heart's territory. Just remember that love is not only about the equal amount of take and give, it’s about doing what’s right for both.

Love (In A Relationship)
It’s been a tough week but you’re so glad that you finally get that mutual understanding with your partner. The world starts to open up again and your relationship feels refreshed. Give more of your time for the couple quality time and enjoy this peaceful week without having to worry about another argument.


Sagittarius ♐️

With Jupiter in your 10th House whilst in square with Sagittarius in your 1st House, you find that restrictions and rules in no way benefits you. Added with trine aspect with Pluto, this puts you in a position where you start to question everything. There’s an urge to rebel, to make a difference, to go against the status quo. However, to understand how the world works, you must understand that you don’t have to solve everything. Sometimes the answer to your question can be no answer at all.

Career - Money - Health
Although your career is doing alright since Jupiter is nicely positioned in your 10th House, you need to be careful of how you manage your finances. Money seems to be flowing in and out really easy. Whichever house the Pluto is located at helps you to see which area in your life that needs to be improved. In this case, the existence of Pluto in your 2nd House indicates that it’s time to put an end to reckless finance management.

Love (Single)
Single Sagittarius have more luck in attracting new prospects than other signs this week (or until next month) as the Sun is inhabiting Aries in your 5th House. With the help of Mercury and Uranus, you’ll get back in the dating scene in no time. Uranus' strong, carefree energy has influenced you to stay in the ‘no strings attached’ area. So far it’s safer for you to stay away from the drama and potential heartbreaks.

Love (In A Relationship)
Letting go of your worries is easier to be said than done. But at some point, you need to address what’s been bothering you because it’s starting to affect your loved ones as well. There’s a feeling of incapability of making them happy, along with the uneasiness thinking about the prospect of not being able to fulfil it. You’ve been doing great so far. Don’t let your own obsession tells you otherwise.


Capricorn ♑️

With Saturn located in your 12th House while in square with Jupiter in the 9th House, your focus this week has shifted to how you can improve yourself as a person. You feel like you haven’t done much for the people around you and you can’t help but to compare yourself with some of your more successful friends. In reality, we are walking our own path individually. Your journey may take longer than others, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t go as far.

Career - Money - Health
Keeping yourself busy with work helps you to find yourself again in the process. Some events that happened in your workplace revealed some of your true nature and will help to set your future goal. Your only obstacle now is your ambition to keep the process shorter as Mars is sitting closely to your Saturn. Sometimes things take slow to get you ease into it. Just relax and let the Universe does its job.

Love (Single)
It’s not easy to stay in your current position without wondering where to go next. But right now, the best way to keep things going is by staying where you are. Do not expect your crush to come up with an answer, as the best answer is the one that can be understood without words.

Love (In A Relationship)
If you start to question about love, the more questionable your love is going to be. This week, your Venus is deeply influenced by the position of the curious cat Jupiter in your 9th House. All you want is a reassurance that all will end in a happy ending. But how would you know how it ends if you don’t take control of your narrative?


Aquarius ♒️

As your Uranus turns square with Pluto in 12th House this week, you will encounter several events that makes you question your decision in life. If you’re not sure where to process from there, you can use the combined energy of Mercury and Sun this week to keep you out of making wrong decisions. The Moon will also go home to your 1st House this weekend, which helps to bolster your intuition during this trying time.

Career - Money - Health
When it comes to work and career, Aquarius always knows how to work independently, without being affected by what other people are saying. But this time, reach out to your colleagues to help you with your work. Currently, the best individual strength for you is the one that is built from collective effort. Do not hesitate to ask around.

Love (Single)
To love is to give your 100% when needed and to give less when the other one is in charge. There should be a balance between both, instead of leaning towards to one side only. Although you are confident that you are doing this for the right reasons, pay attention to The Mercury Affair’s trine with Saturn and square with Pluto. Time to reassess how you express your concern with your crush because there’s a strong possibility that both friends will continue to stay as friends.

Love (In A Relationship)
Maintaining a relationship starts to come off as a hard work for you, particularly on Wednesday, and you wish that things go a little bit easier on your part. Aquarius may seem nonchalant, but in reality, they can be very invested in their relationship. I guess this time you have to leave the small details behind and focus on what makes both of you happy. Take a short walk on the park, find some time to relax together, and you won’t find yourself entangled in it anymore.


Pisces ♓️

Don’t be too hard on yourself, Pisces! It’s a great news whenever a planetary ruler finds itself in their respective house, such as Neptune that comes home with Venus to your 1st House. However, this causes you to be in a retrospective mood, specifically in love. The moon transit in your 12th House this weekend also forces you to remember some things in the past. It may be things that you may not be fond of, but it’s important to face it in order to end a bad cycle.

Career - Money - Health
With the help of Sun, Mercury, and Uranus, on your House of Wealth, this week money seems to pop up everywhere you look. You have a keen eye to see business opportunities during this period. Use this wisely. See if you can embrace those people who are jealous with your luck. Keep them by your side and see what happens next.

Love (Single)
This week, love pursuits is not really your main priority as you are busy in satisfying your physical self. With your Sun in 2nd House in trine with Mars in 10th House, you don’t see building relationship is as important as physical pleasure. Just don’t get caught in problem caused by misinterpreted signals. 

Love (In A Relationship)
Venus has found its way to the Pisceans’ 1st House thus despite your current relationship state, you can’t help but to feel like you are not worth their time. Like your General reading, it’s the retrospective mood in play. I’m sure that your self-created guilt is not the actual reality. However, since Jupiter is currently ruling your 7th House, it’s best to talk this openly with your significant other to ease your worries.


Photo credit: Dominik Lange - Unsplash

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AstroFox: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra. What does it mean for you?

glitter eye girl magic

Happy full moon and lunar eclipse, Witchlings.

Tonight the moon is finally reaching its full potential in Indonesia area after the recent New Moon / Solar Eclipse earlier this month. Jakartans should be able to spot it at 8.01pm while Balinese can enjoy the view at around 9.01pm. Today’s Lunar Eclipse will last for about 4 hours and will be less noticeable compared to its predecessor due to its type of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. To everyone expecting the similar significant dark shadow casted by Solar Eclipse, I’m sorry to announce that this Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will be less spectacular as the shadow has a subtler touch. It will be seen as a fainter moon and I guarantee it won’t look as grande on your iPhone camera. However, do not underestimate the positive energy it radiates. Full Moon in all pagan based religions is known to be the best time to make a wish, clearing out space for new items, or just to make an overall positive changes. Use this time to create positive affirmation in your life.

The transit in Libra brings the relationship theme upfront during this period. It radiates positive peaceful energy to overcome your past traumas and relationship failures. It’s the best time to forgive your frienemies and make a new meaning of your relationships. You can also use this time to ask yourself, “What can I do to be a good friend / family members / boyfriend / girlfriend?” or preserve your relationship with your good friends and loved ones by asking them out for dinner and good times. The Moon’s energy will help you strengthen your bond with them in the long run. Not only limited to relationship with friends, tonight’s energy also helps businesses to seal the deal with partners. Sweet talking and corporate gifts will help boost your chances as well, because Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty and expensive goods. So go ahead and be social today! 

Another aspects that are relatively as important as the Lunar Eclipse today are:

Moon in Libra with Opposite Sun and Mercury in Aries

Opposition is the aspect where two planets are located opposite of each other in an astrology chart. It is when the energy of both contradicting aspects becomes inharmonious to one another. While the Moon is transiting in Libra to kickstart some creative ideas through harmonious partnerships and fair consideration, Mercury and Sun are on the contrary, sitting in Aries — the sign of ‘self’, independency, and leadership. Both are cardinal signs, which creates a strong opposition in decision making especially for self-initiated project or life-changing decision.

Today, see where you stand before making a decision that will affect you and other people. The Mercury in Aries gives you the confidence boost to express yourself while the Sun helps you to ensure your needs met. But sometimes it is best to listen to both sides and think it thoroughly, as any decision you make may affect your relationship or partnership with others.

Moon in Libra with Sextile Mars in Sagittarius

The sextile aspect is a 60∘ angle between two planets indicating a compatible energy between  the two elements. It results in a harmonious flow which can be used to realise your goal. Tonight, the creative and aesthetic vibe of Libra combined with the ever-curious wanderlust Sagittarius is pushing us to seek further to quench our thirst for knowledge and travel. It’s a good time to push through new ideas, preferably with the company of others for brainstorming and creative ideation. You can also use this time to book random plane tickets and travel away with your bosoms.

In conclusion, the best way to utilise the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon energy is by being a great company today by discussing ideas with others and considering their opinion before making any decision for yourself. 😇

Photo credit: Alia Wilhelm - Unsplash

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i tried shrooms to be spiritual. this is what happened.

pink water sheet tumblr fluorescent iridescent

I've heard crazy stories about shrooms trip from my party friends but never thought that I could actually use it for a spiritual trip.

Earlier this week, I met a friend who visited me in Ubud with her boyfriend to discuss with me about spiritual related topics. Those two seemed to be enthusiastic about everything spiritual so I asked how they got in touch with their spiritual side - since all Ubud tourists must have had an awakening at some point in their life. He told me that ever since he took shrooms in Bali, his sense got heightened and all of the sudden everything made sense for him. He had a very spiritual trip with ecstatic appearances of nature elements such as dancing trees or anthropomorphic frogs. Things were never the same for both of them.

Their brief enlightening experience had elevated their spirituality level and although they are unable to access that part anymore, at least they understand that they can feel it again with enough training. At that point I thought to myself that maybe the shrooms has unlocked the full potential of their seven chakras, giving them a sip of the sensation of being attuned with the universe. One thing I’m curious about is if the shrooms can have such illuminating effect to someone without any spiritual background, then what’s it going to do to me? It gives me a chill just to think about it, because there’s a possibility it will take me back to that dark and depressed limbo, but they assured me that everything is going to be fine.

So I decided to give it a try. I contacted the person based on my friends’ recommendation, packed the shrooms shake that I bought in Kuta (Magic Mushroom is literally available in Legian Road), and went home all the way to Ubud. I didn’t want to experience the trip when my house is swarmed by dark spirits (which happens every night between 11pm to 5am), because god knows where they’ll take me to, so I decided to take the trip on daytime instead, which was the next day after I bought it.

Below is my unedited notes from the trip. Yes I prefer it to be unedited because that’s the only way you can experience it with me. 😀

If you don’t know what the shrooms are actually doing to your brain, you can check this video by AsapSCIENCE.

(Note: The trip condition was: I was at my house, which is located at Northern Ubud, pretty close to the uphill mountain side. There’s a garden at my place, a cafe right beside my house [which plays 90s song non stop], and a rice field right in front of my window which has a lot of ducks swimming around. Oh and I have this black wild street dog that keeps on coming to my house. I named her Doggi.)

Before tripping:

Expectation: To be more spiritual. Maybe to see more spirits? Or to get new kinds of enlightenment?

Texted my friend who recommended me the shrooms. She said: “Have a nice trip! (pun intended)” Hahahah.

Tripping time:


Drank the first glass of the shake. Tastes like syrup + mixing with red-colored soda + it actually tastes pretty good!

Looks like wine now, a bunch of residue on the bottom

first sensation: it’s on the crown area, all over the head, meditative state like. Feeling really happy and giddy. Watching the duck and they’re like super funny. Finished the whole glass by munching the mushroom residues.

Start to feel tingling on my feet. It feels painful.

So I decided to take the second glass. Just go for it. Gulp it all.

Headache a bit nauseous
Neck feels really hot, nauseous, heavy on the back. 
Keep on burping. Face feels burnt, Twisty tummy

So I lied down. It’s like I’m having a crazy sickening fever and the ceiling feels as if it’s moving down. All senses are open, Feels like the first time I’m having an awakening.  Every movement of the plants and trees are shaking because they wants to talk to you

My body feels super hot

Look at the ceiling greenish blue

First part of hallucination:
The floor makes funny pattern
The wall moves closer
Sinking into the bed
I can also see some pattern emerges on my skin
Time moves slo mo
The dots on my pillowcase is growing big but I guess I shouldn’t waste my time looking at it

Vision intensifies
All the yellow just goes yellow. Bright bright yellow
There are faces on the wall

This actual life that we're living is very fragile. With a little bit of colors and fun we can see a little bit more than expected. 

Okay I'm starting to see rainbow lines in everything. Even my phone.

Died yoghurt?

If I close my eyes I keep on seeing red and blue women devils with tits claw and angry faces.

I thought my hands are dinosaurs.

I want to close my eyes but I'm pretty scared. Come let's meditate, little girl

It's a mind altering drug but it's not social at all. You just gotta feel it alone

Man if it's quiet time actually it's not really quiet. You astart to listen to stuffs in the distance

And then voice gets distorted. Like the crappy music from the neighbor

The plants are asking me to fly with them. Idk if it makes sense.

If I close my eyes, things start to have either eyeballs, teeth, or mouth or boobs and hands and claw in it.

The phone is the only reality that I have now.

I keep on hearing weird cricket. The voice keeps on repeiting by itself.

The voice of the duck multiplies. Like fast forward 100 times
You can hear bird from really2 far. It's like holy shit that's bird????1 Never heard bird from my house

Subconscious is a scary place for people who doesn't sleep

The trip feels so tiring
I can listen and sre and feel everything
This whole sound is a loop why loop idk

I realized that the cloud has been shifting from one another and that reality is really depends on what you wanna see
If you close your eyes


So hot
lost in thought, actually it's a nice day outside dammmit really no place to runaway ya
everywhere i see is a new trip

I guess I can settle here? With the ducks and the loud irritating neighbor

Went outside to see the clouds
The sky feels near af
So hot why don’t we have a bigger fan

 I guess I need to see who lives in ganesha but does it really matter?
Saw om on his trunk
All the dirt just intensifies

I tried looking at my tarot cards and they're hologram. I thought I will see the spirits inside it.
I start to understand what the cards actually mean

Doggi comes
She was just from the rice field.
Sooo dirty. Can see the dirt and blue flashes magnified. She’s not smelly tho
Now the abstract thoughts starting to come
What did she actually do with all those ducks? In the farm?

I noticed that from the room you can see really far
The neighbours house look so near
Then far
Then near again

Suddenly life has a meaning. It's like now you get why certain people has to liv this way. And then why do you have to talk? Is talking matter? Nothing matters now because it's between you and your creator.

Watching the ducks. Wow they swim in straight line.
Text Rain to tell her about ducks.

Notice lizard poopoo near the window. Theres ants under the crack too

Suddenly I understand the anatomi of the duck. Yeah man, it's just us. Living. Being
Why do people care so much about fb likes when you can be out there living feeling what the nature offers you

Man i cant remember to breathe sometimes atau kayak focusing myself to talk
Tried drinking water. Forgot how to swallow

The sun is just going to die at some point and im just here tripping sitting in the room? What the flying fuck

Wow even when im tripping i feel like working?

I head outside to bring the trip to me. Took a walk and saw black cow doggo and white doggo. The hallucination part is over though. So no more funny2 thoughts. Just following the trail and the dogs.

Saw big grasshopper on my bike. Thats when I realised that I can zoom in my vision like 3x bigger. Can see even the smallest insect. 

Noticed a bunch of stuffs is not as organic as it seems. Plastic in rice fields. But that's the most natural you can get man.

Tried hard not to giggle at random person.

So tired. Brain just get friggen tired i can't even rationalized things anymore

Finally sober. Texted my friends telling them I’m sober after texting them while tripping earlier.

Learned that the pattern that I’ve seen on my hands are actually Flower of Life.
Suddenly crave for vegan raw food, which is weird.

Must plan next trip. Maybe night time instead of daytime.

It was a very fascinating trip! Although I didn’t really enjoy closing my eyes while tripping and I was very irritated with the neighbour, I would love to revisit the shrooms experience next time. Maybe in 2-3 weeks time. 

Did I get to be more spiritual? No, not really, actually. I had some contemplating thoughts but not so much new insights. Probably because I have been spiritual to begin with and the insights it presented have been learned through meditation. But the one thing I noticed was I felt present and fully aware that I was high. I knew that the reality it presented wasn’t the actual reality. It’s almost like experiencing lucid dream where you can alter what you want to see. I tried to create energy balls or shifted some images around and it actually worked! This helped me to steer clear from bad trip and focused on the things that made me happy such as clouds, ducks, dogs, and plants. Hahahaha.

Well I guess if you’ve never been in touch with your spiritual side you may get a more enlightening experience? I don’t really know though.

Have you had a weird shroom experience? Write it in the comment box below! Or if you have any questions regarding shrooms, just write it down and I’ll try to reply you asap.

Thanks for reading.

Photo credit: Took it from Tumblr. The account got deleted, though. 

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