The Universe is always sending us mixed messages. One moment we could be getting our dream job, another moment may be spent crying over a lost relationship. Sometimes we also find ourselves stuck in between two intriguing offers, which both are too hard to resist. And now you wonder, why can't the Universe just tell you directly what to do?

I believe that the path to enlightenment will always be an uncomfortable journey. Sometimes it takes a conflict to drive you back to the path of happiness. Me and my tarot cards are here to ensure that you are well-prepared for the challenges and ready to face what's next.

Once you're ready to listen to your inner voice, scroll through to see my booking procedure.

Select a Tarot Reading Session


Once you choose the most suitable session for your need, kindly make a payment through Paypal or bank transfer (for Indonesian residence) before we proceed.

Once you're finished you can book your time slot on my Calendly page.


Live Sessions


Short & Sweet (15-min)

$23 SGD or Rp 150,000/session

An introductory session for you and me. 15 mins is a great start to ask a quick question and get practical answer on your queries.


Cordial Convo (30-min)

$38 SGD or RP 300,000/session

Feeling a bit lost lately? A standard 30 mins reading session can help you to delve into your subconscious and unravel your true potential. 


Intimate Talk (60-min)

$53 SGD or RP 450,000/session

Curious about how you fit in the grand scheme of things? Journey deep with the cards for an hour to unveil the answers you've been looking for.

Looking for something else?

Nine of Pentacles.jpg

One Card Wonder


$10 SGD or Rp 50,000/card/question

Suitable for the busy bees with limited time for a quick question with a quick answer. Send me a question and I'll send your answer through email in 150 - 200 words / question.

Tarot with Troupes.jpg

Tarot with Troupes


I am also available for events, bazaar, and parties (hen's night or birthdays, for example).

Send me an email with an introduction or a proposal, and tell me more about your event! I will let you know whether I'll be available to read in your event.

Card A Day


$18 SGD or Rp 100,000/7 days

Personalised daily wisdom will be delivered straight to your email. Send me your details along with a little bit of your background and expect a daily tailored guidance for your soul-enriching journey. Available in 7 days service. 

Questions, Anyone?


"I'm ready, what should I do?"

Select the package of session that suits you best and make a payment through Paypal or bank transfer (for Indonesian residents, please contact me for details.) Once you're done, kindly send me your question, background story, and arrange your session via my Calendly page. For clients who purchased the One Card Wonder service, please read the instruction on my Let's Meet box above.

"Why should I fill out the Calendly form?"

Your session time is precious. Let's not waste it with lengthy background story. The question and the story that you write on the form will help me to do a pre-reading for you and see if I can connect with your energy. This first step is important to make sure that we have an out-of-this-world connection during our session without any energy disruption.

"I'm not located in Bali. How should I meet you then?"

I offer sessions to clients all over the world via Skype / Google Hangout. As long as you have fast internet connection, my service is just one phone call away. Please contact me for more info.

"I have a few questions about tarot."

Please check my FAQ page for further info about tarot cards and tarot reading.

See what others said about a tarot reading session with me:

First of all, I am actually skeptical about tarot card readings but after I read her blogs I feel a genuine feeling through the way she writes. And also I am a fan of paranormal stuff so I am super interested in getting someone to read my tarot cards.

I've secretly (not so secret anymore) followed Canti's blogs and updates since she moved to Ubud and I promised myself next time I come to Ubud I will definitely meet her and do a session. I finally did it! I came in not knowing what to ask specifically, but I do know that I have a problem career-wise and relationship-wise that I wanted to ask her. Long story short, she helped me to understand myself and actually helped me to understand my real fear and strength. She knows areas about myself before I even told her! She was very insightful and polite in giving her insights. She was very thoughtful as well and down-to-earth, unlike what I imagined her to be before I met her. 

Overall, fantastic experience; would definitely do a second reading in the future!

cassandra, Student (indonesia)

"Time spent with Canti always feels like healing time. I've done about 2 readings with Canti, the 1st one being really informal and over a couple of drinks and the 2nd one was a full 1 hour session. She's always spot on over some of the most important things in my life and accurately describes some of my personality and my outlook towards life. I enjoy readings with Canti, its a quiet time for my own reflection with the hard questions she asks."



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