Let's be honest, if you get the chance to control your destiny, will you take it?

Unlike a fortune teller, I believe that the key to your desired future is IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.

With my 9 years of tarot reading experience, I'm here to help you to understand how your past, present, and future events are interconnected so you can make empowering decision for yourself.

Because what you send to the Universe is EXACTLY what you will get.

In our session, I will teach you to the step-by-step to find the root cause of your problem, manifest your dream future, and eventually, improve your relationship with yourself.


Are you ready?

Select a Tarot Reading Session:


Live Online Reading*

(*Timezone is in GMT+7 as I'm currently in Jakarta, Indonesia)


Love and Relationship

in-person/online reading

$35 or Rp 450,000

A 30 minutes private online reading with Canti from Foxglove Tarot to uncover the issues in your relationship, so you can improve your relationship with your loved ones.

Career Reading

in-person/online reading

$38 or RP 500,000

A 30 minutes of 1:1 online reading with Canti from Foxglove Tarot to answer all the questions you have about your job so you can plan a dream career for your future self!


Are you a Tarot Reading first-timer?

Try our Offline Sessions for Beginners!

General Reading

voice note

$24 or RP 300,000

A complete 3-months overview of your love life, career, and finance packed in a 10-minutes voice note reading by Canti from Foxglove Tarot for a clearer insight into your personal life.

One Card Wonder



$8 OR RP 80,000/QUESTION

A short and straightforward one card tarot reading sent to your email by our Foxglove Tarot apprentice, Prameswari, to help you make a quick, empowering decision in your life.

NOT SUITABLE for karmic pattern / past-life related questions.

Coffee Talk Reading

live reading (jakarta)


$17 OR RP 180,000

A 15 minutes of in-person reading with our Foxglove Tarot apprentice, Prameswari, to answer a specific question on a problem or situation in your life. Only in Jakarta, Indonesia.

NOT SUITABLE for karmic pattern / past-life related questions.


See what others said about a tarot reading session with me:


"First of all, I am actually skeptical about tarot card readings, but after I read her blogs, I feel a genuine feeling through the way she writes. And also I am a fan of the paranormal stuff, so I am super interested in getting someone to read my tarot cards.

I've secretly (not so secret anymore) followed Canti's blogs and updates since she moved to Ubud and I promised myself next time I come to Ubud I will definitely meet her and do a session. I finally did it! I came in not knowing what to ask specifically, but I do know that I have a problem career-wise and relationship-wise that I wanted to ask her. Long story short, she helped me to understand myself and actually helped me to understand my real fear and strength. She knows areas about myself before I even told her! She was very insightful and polite in giving her insights. She was very thoughtful as well and down-to-earth, unlike what I imagined her to be before I met her. 

Overall, fantastic experience; would definitely do a second reading in the future!"

cassandra, Student (indonesia)