Cordial Convo

A thorough session to spark the confidence in you

$28 or Rp 300,000/session

Thinking about changing directions in your life?
Or are you looking for a guidance to revitalize your day-to-day humdrum?

Here's our game plan:

We're going to do a 30-min tarot reading to help you kickstart your life with abundance and positive attitude. It's really easy for us to get side-tracked when we are occupied with our daily routine. But it doesn't have to, especially if the opportunity is LIMITLESS.

Whether it's making a big, life-changing decisions in career, love, or personal life, a 30-minute session with me will help you to find the fire in you and seize it with confidence.

What you'll get: A detailed highlight of your problem and opportunity, along with the steps you can take to gain the result you've been aiming for.

Bonus: A spiritual advice to further your healing and enlightenment journey.

Empower your life with a 30 minutes reading with me!



How do we do the reading?

Reading will be conducted through Skype, Google Hangout, or live (if you're located in Bali).
By appointment only. At least 2 hours notice before an online session or 1 day notice for an in-person session.

What kind of questions I can ask?

Anything! But make sure you refer to my FAQ & Ethics beforehand. 30 minutes will usually fit for 2 topics with 1-2 questions/topic included. We can do a general reading (the one where you don't have a question), but a specific question is always appreciated. As long as it doesn't exceed the designated 30 minutes time, we're good.

How many cards will you draw?

Unlimited – depending on the time we have. My session's quality is determined based on the time spent on the session, not the amount of cards drawn.

Anything else that I need to know?

My tarot reading service is not a substitute for any medical, legal, business professional advice, or therapy.

Please read my FAQ & Ethics before deciding to purchase a tarot reading session with me.

Hi, I’m Canti!

I’m a tarot reader, a psychic, and an astrology enthusiast based in Bali, Indonesia.

After leaving my corporate job, I have made it my mission to help others find their purpose and be in charge of their destiny. 

Be it a self-love issue, career change, or a simple search of happiness, I'm here to guide you through it all.

Let's own our magic, together.

Step 1: Book A Schedule

Pick a time slot and fill the booking form below.

The time available below is in your local time zone, NOT in my time zone (GMT+8).

Need help in booking a schedule? Contact me here.

Step 2: Make A Payment

Payment must be made in advance, through PayPal (for overseas payment) or Indonesian bank transfer. Contact me to get my account number if you'd like to make the payment in Rupiah.

We don't do refunds.

Step 3: Wait for my Confirmation

Thanks for trusting me with your story!

I will contact you immediately once I have received your booking form and your payment.

While waiting, you can browse through my blog or my handmade jewelry shop.