Frequently Asked Questions*


*Please read my FAQ page before we proceed with a tarot reading session.


Is there anything that I should do or prepare before the session?

Of course, there are!

First, stay calm and relax. Focus on the question and forget about everything else. If your mind is focusing on things that are unrelated to your question, the information that I get from the cards may not resonate with you. Try meditating at least 10 min before a session or take a warm bath with a vanilla bath bomb. That'll work!

Second, remember, to sum your question in one sentence. For example, try to avoid broad questions such as "How my love life is going to be like in 2018?" and try to ask this question instead "I've been single for a while now, and I'm ready for a committed relationship next year. Do you have any suggestion about how I can find someone to connect with in 2018?" Notice the difference?


What kind of question can I ask?

Love? Career? Money? Life? Spirituality?

It's limitless. The secret lies in the correct phrasing. No close-ended questions such as a yes or no, but not too broad at the same time. Please read the first FAQ above to see the example. It may sound confusing at first, but don’t worry! I will help you to phrase the question to the best of my knowledge so you can benefit as much as possible from this session.

Please refrain from asking actual locations, numbers, names, or colors, because it’s tough to get a definite answer. Remember, a tarot deck is not your one-stop-cheat-sheet.
Also, since this consultation will fully be about you and your journey to empowerment, it will be unethical for you to ask the tarot cards about a third party without their consent – unless it's pertinent to your situation/issue.


Can I ask you about the future?

Well, yes and no. Being a tarot reader comes with its limitations too. Some tarot readers will offer predictive reading that you almost can't wiggle out of, but what I will do here is give you insights of what may come in the future. And of course, along with tips on how to get the future you want without harming anyone in the process. Because eventually our future lies on our free will. It will change according to each small decision we make. Don't worry, I'm going to help you get through the uncertainty together.


Can I change the future described in the tarot reading?

A resounding yes! Despite the fact that there are some special cases where the future is certain, most of the readings I do allow the seeker to make room for improvements in their future.


The reading that I got previously was a bit off. Why is that?

There are a few reasons why this would happen.

a. The tarot reader that you chose may not have the same energy wavelength as yours, thus, the reading did not resonate well with you. Just like how you can't connect with some friends in your circle, the same logic applies to tarot readers too.

b. You did not give 100% consent to the reader. There were personal reasons why you couldn't seem to trust the reader, hence the missed connection.

c. The reader or you might be in a bad physical shape, which affects the energy exchange between both of you.

d. You're trying to test the reader's ability. Some readers can feel this, thus causing an energy disruption, or readers anxiety because they feel as if their every move is scrutinized by you.


Will your reading be any different than the previous readers I've had sessions with?

Yes. I'm not sure about the content, because it depends on a case-by-case basis. However, I will definitely provide you with a different angle. Not all readers come from the same background, which explains the different perspectives they come up with to convey the message. A tarot reader from a spiritual background would have a different way to read the cause of your money problem compared to another reader who works in finance during daytime, for example. They would have different suggestions, too. If you're not sure about the advice that I give you, feel free to seek for a second opinion from other readers. If you don't know anyone else, ask me and I'll be happy to refer you to one of my colleagues. 


Is tarot reading against my religion?

Tarot reading is just a form of divination tool used for self-help that connects you with your intuition. It is not against any religion nor it diverts you from your belief.

Code of Ethics



1. PAYMENT - Payment is required prior to your appointment. By purchasing a reading service, you authorize the charges made to consult with me for a certain period of time discussed and agreed prior to payment. No refunds are given once payment is made.
2. QUALIFICATION - My tarot reading assistance is not a substitute for professional therapy, legal, medical, or financial advice. Please seek competent assistance from qualified professionals should you require professional assistance for your matter.
3. NON-JUDGEMENTAL - I will not judge you for the issues or the questions you’ll ask during the session as it’s against my code of ethics. I will continue to uphold an objective policy to ensure that you are comfortable in sharing your story with me.
4. CONFIDENTIALITY - I will not share your personal information nor your reading with anyone without your permission.
5. EMPOWERMENT - The purpose of the reading is to empower you to take control of your life through precise decisions made with joy and confidence. It is not my place to tell you what to do and what not to do.
6. FREE WILL - You are responsible for your own behavior and choices. Advice or guidance provided by me will always be based on your best interest. However, you have the right to follow your own judgements, despite my suggestion.

7. FUTURE READING - Although it's tempting to peek what's behind the future door, I'm afraid I won't be able to quench your curiosity. What I can offer to you is various alternate realities to help you with the decision-making process as an alternative to "future reading" or "fortune telling".
8. THIRD PARTY - Since the aim of Foxglove is to empower the seeker (in this case, you!), I will not read about another party unless it relates closely to your issue, or he/she is present during the reading.
9. CANCELLATION - Should you wish to cancel the appointment or unable to attend the session, kindly inform me a few hours or a day before our meeting. If you have made payment beforehand, I will arrange another time to schedule our appointment.
10. REFUSAL - I am allowed to refuse queries if I sense that your intention is to troll me, humiliate me, or to gauge my accuracy level. I will only accept clients who are genuinely in need of guidance.