One Card Wonder

Email-based Tarot Reading

$8 OR RP 80,000/question/card


Interested in tarot reading session, but not sure if you're ready to do it face-to-face?

Or perhaps, you have a quick yes/no question that requires very little explanation that a one card can finish the job for you?


If the answer to both questions are YES, then the One Card Wonder service is for you!

Here's how we do it:

Send me an email containing your question with a 500 words background story and I'll send you the answer within 2x24 hours once I have received your payment and your question. Please note that any request sent between Monday and Tuesday on GMT+8 will be answered during my working days: Wednesday - Sunday.
Please keep the question specific and is phrased in one sentence.

Only one question per one card allowed.

What you'll get: A 150-200 words reading with a beautifully taken photograph of the said tarot card.


What kind of a tarot reading question can I ask?

Any question that can be answered with a simple yes/no. If you're not sure whether your question can be answered with a One-Card-Wonder service, email me your question (use the form below) and I will assist you in phrasing the right question.

How many tarot reading questions can I ask?

One question/purchase. To ask for more than one question, please purchase the product with the numbers of your question. (E.g. 2 products for 2 questions, or 3 products for 3 questions)

Some clients will unknowingly submit several questions in one purchase. If this happens, I'll answer the most relevant question that is of the utmost importance to you.

How many tarot cards will you draw?
One card/purchase.

When will I receive my reading?
In 2 x 24 hours once I have received your payment and your question.

But if you send it between Monday - Tuesday, I will only be able to answer your question during my working days, sometime between Wednesday - Sunday.

Do you have a sample of the One-Card-Wonder reading?
I do! Please click here to view one of my works.

Will I get the chance to speak to you?
I'm afraid not. But you'll get to keep the answer that I've written for you! How cool is that?

I have a follow-up question after I receive the One-Card-Wonder reading.

I don't correspond after I send you the email. But if you're interested to discuss deeper about your question, please book the full session for a live chat with me! A lot of my clients have benefited more from live session because it helps to talk about their problem and get the answer straight away.

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Hi, I’m Canti!

I’m a tarot reader, a psychic, and an astrology enthusiast based in Bali, Indonesia.

After leaving my corporate job, I have made it my mission to help others find their purpose and be in charge of their destiny. 

Be it a self-love issue, career change, or a simple search of happiness, I'm here to guide you through it all.

Let's own our magic, together.

Step 1: Make A Payment

Payment must be made in advance, through PayPal (for overseas payment) or Indonesian bank transfer.

Want to make the payment in Rupiahs?
Fill out the booking form on Step 2 and I will send you my Indonesian bank account details in your email confirmation.

We don't accept cash. We don't do refunds.

Step 2: Send me your Question & Background Story

Please fill out the form below or email your question here.

Name *
Please write a to-the-point question in one sentence.
Help me to understand why you're asking the question.
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
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Step 3: Wait for my Confirmation

Thanks for trusting me with your story!

I will contact you immediately once I have received your booking form and your payment.

While waiting, you can browse through my blog or my handmade jewelry shop.

See what others said about the One Card Wonder!

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"Do not underestimate the power of One Card Wonder with Kak Canti! Although the service limits you to one question and one card only, Kak Canti will still enlighten you with the cards' message to give you the clarity you seek. She will also encourage you to grow and face the truth without fear. OMG! I will surely book another One Card Wonder soon!"


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