Short and Sweet


Practical reading for the practical you

$17 or Rp 150,000/session


Do you have one quick question that requires a crisp and concise answer?
Or do you need to clarify something that you've had in mind for a while?

Here's our game plan:

We're going to do a 15-min tarot reading to help you find instant clarity, and get a short, easy, and practical answer to your life questions.

Whether deciding which career path you should choose, or make a commitment to a new love, a short session with me will make you feel enlightened and empowered to make a decision for yourself.

Access your bliss with a 15 minutes guidance session with me!




How do we do the reading?

Reading will be conducted through Google Hangout or Whatsapp call.
By appointment only. At least 3 hours notice before the online session.

What kind of questions I can ask?

The Short and Sweet service is recommended for quick and on point Yes/No question. 15 minutes will fit for 1 topic with 1-2 questions included. Since it's too short (literally) for broad questions such as "How will my luck be in 2017?", please prepare a specific question before we start so you can benefit more from the session.

How many cards will you draw?

Unlimited – depending on the time we have. My session's quality is determined based on the time spent on the session, not the number of cards drawn.

Anything else that I need to know?

My tarot reading service is not a substitute for any medical, legal, business professional advice, or therapy.

Please read my FAQ & Ethics before deciding to purchase a tarot reading session with me.


Hi, I’m Canti!

I’m a tarot reader, a psychic, and an astrology enthusiast based in Bali, Indonesia.

After leaving my corporate job, I have made it my mission to help others find their purpose and be in charge of their destiny. 

Be it a self-love issue, career change, or a simple search for happiness, I'm here to guide you through it all.

Let's own our magic, together.


Step 1: Book A Schedule

Pick a time slot and fill the booking form below.

The time available below is in your local time zone, NOT in my time zone (GMT+8)


Need help in booking a schedule? Contact me here.


Step 2: Make A Payment

Payment must be made in advance, through PayPal (for overseas payment) or Indonesian bank transfer.

Want to make the payment in Rupiahs?
Fill out the booking form on Step 1, and I will send you my Indonesian bank account details in your email confirmation.

We don't accept cash. We don't do refunds.



Step 3: Wait for my Confirmation

Thanks for trusting me with your story!

Please check your inbox to see your email confirmation.

If you haven't received it, feel free to contact me here.


See what others said about the Short and Sweet!

"Canti's card reading services brought out the ethical dilemmas and controversies weighing on my subconsciousness. These were reluctantly difficult to articulate until Canti showed me how to perceive and accept them. That 15-minute reading was basically the best advice I've ever received."