#TarotForPutu update:

Putu's story has led me to start a tarot reading initiative called #TarotForPutu starting from September 25th - 30th 2017 to support Putu and her family. During the week, I aimed to do as many readings as I can, and donate all of the earnings to the cause. My goal was to raise Rp 4,000,000 (USD $297) in 6 days. However, I'm so happy to tell you that, together, we have exceeded that goal.

In 6 days, we have raised Rp 5,103,577 for Putu! ☺️


(The total amount of donation has included tarot reading expenses, such as booth rental, PayPal fee, etc.)

Thank you, everyone, who have participated, whether by booking a reading or by sharing this page to your friends and family.
Your contribution, no matter how small it is, has made a big impact for this cause.


Since KitaBisa.com only allows donation that has been rounded up, I donated Rp 5,200,00 instead. Here's the details:

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 6.53.03 PM.png
 Apparently I can only write 140 characters. Sorry for the hindsight. 

Apparently I can only write 140 characters. Sorry for the hindsight. 


Here are the 26 kind souls who have made this happen:

Donation in Singapore Dollar:

Marzie - $17
Anonymous - $36.02
Anonymous - $21.49
Anonymous - $13.91

Donation in Indonesian Rupiah:

Anonymous - Rp 150,000
Jessica - Rp 300,000
Shanty - Rp 750,000
Raissa - Rp 300,000
Anonymous - Rp 150,000
Verica - Rp 450,000
Anonymous - Rp 450,000
Anonymous - Rp 150,000
Yoane - Rp 300,000
Sita Tyasutami - Rp 150,000
Kinan Wirastani - Rp 300,000
Robert - Rp 100,000
Anaïs - Rp 100,000
Vicky & Theresa - Rp 100,000
Fernando - Rp 100,000
Marta - Rp 100,000
Becky - Rp 10,000
Jasmine - Rp 47,000
Ivana - Rp 50,000
Yoga - Rp 100,000
Julie - Rp 50,000

Once again, thank you so much for the donation! And thank you so much for being such angels. May your days be blessed with love and abundance. 💛 🌻 🙏 ✨

How is Putu doing now?


So many people have been asking about Putu's progress to recovery and what exactly happened to her. Thanks to my friend, Jenny Jusuf and LINC, we finally get a glimpse of the tragedy and the aftermath on the video below. ***TRIGGER WARNING***

What's next?

If you're one of the donors, you will receive a notification via email once the donation is made.

I'm also planning to meet with Putu to hear her story in-person and pass your positive messages to her. I'll update you once I get a confirmation from her side.

If you still want to do more for Putu, you can head to her KitaBisa page at www.kitabisa.com/bantuputu. Hurry, the campaign is going to end in a few days!

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 6.58.50 PM.png

Putu's Domestic Violence Story

 (image via Putu's GoFundMe page)

(image via Putu's GoFundMe page)

Hey you, thanks for clicking this page.

***TRIGGER WARNING: The story that I'm about to tell you can be triggering for those who have been abused by their loved ones, whether it's emotionally or physically.

It's been a few weeks now since I've heard the story of Putu (33), a local Balinese woman whose feet got hacked off by her drunk and abusive husband, as known as KAP (36). And I'm also aware that there has been a lot of initiative to help Putu to cover her medical and legal bills. But I've always felt like I want to do something more to support her cause. Maybe I don't have a lot of money, nor the power to influence the disappointing legal system in Indonesia. But I have a voice. And I can use this voice to spread the message about her story and help to seek the assistance she needs.


 ENG translation: "Shocking! A husband hacked off his wife's feet in Canggu"  (image via Putu's KitaBisa's page)

ENG translation: "Shocking! A husband hacked off his wife's feet in Canggu"

(image via Putu's KitaBisa's page)

As a hard working mom of two young children, Putu worked as a cleaning service in several villas in Bali to cover her family expenses. One day, after she came home from work, her drunken husband flew into a rage using jealousy as an excuse and hacked off her feet using a machete in front of her children, leaving them traumatized. The incident has left Putu without the ability to work and support her family as usual.

I've known from a friend of mine, Jenny Jusuf, who has been working tirelessly on her donation page, that this abusive behavior has been going on for quite some time. She was beaten up by her husband 1,5 months prior to the incident, but she continued to stay for the sake of her family. Hearing this story really breaks my heart into pieces. I've heard so many cases of domestic violence or emotional abuse in a relationship from my friends' and clients' experiences. I've also had a fair share of being abused in a relationship that left me traumatized for about 2 years.

 Putu and her family (image via Putu's GoFundMe page)

Putu and her family (image via Putu's GoFundMe page)

Where will the donation go to?

The donation will be used to help cover Putu's daily expenses, which might include:

* Regular Health Check-Up at Singaraja Hospital
* The children's school tuition fee
* The family's daily needs (may include accommodation)

If you'd like to make an additional donation (which is great!), you can visit Putu's KitaBisa page (Bahasa) or GoFundMe page (English). Thank you so much! Matur Suksma! 

Who am I and why I'm doing this

Foxglove Tarot (round).jpg

Hi, I'm Canti. I'm a tarot reader, a psychic, and an astrology enthusiast based in Bali, Indonesia

I'm reaching my 27th birthday on the 24th September, and with the influence of Mabon Equinox and Libra season this week, it made me realize how lucky and privileged I am. Abundance has been something that I've taken for granted, and sometimes I feel so ashamed for wanting more, knowing that there are others who need it more than me. I want to use this opportunity to give back to the community. Join me in supporting our fellow sister, Putu, by booking a tarot reading session with me, or spreading the hashtag #TarotForPutu. Suksma 🙏

What others say about working with me


"Time spent with Canti always feels like healing time. I've done about 2 readings with Canti, the 1st one being really informal and over a couple of drinks and the 2nd one was a full 1 hour session. She's always spot on over some of the most important things in my life and accurately describes some of my personality and my outlook towards life. I enjoy readings with Canti, it's a quiet time for my own reflection with the hard questions she asks."

Yoke, singapore


"So far I had three personal readings with Canti. As you can see I keep going back to her because I always feel well understood. She explains things and situations clearly and gives advise on how to handle certain circumstances. 
She's a very sweet person, sincere and bubbly person and I highly recommend her, you can talk to her and just let go!
In the future I will keep going back to her for advise and a laugh about her dogs."

Susann, germany